Chris Pratt loses fans after hunting video post

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(Credit: Chris Pratt via Instagram)
(Credit: Chris Pratt via Instagram)

Chris Pratt’s fanbase isn’t quite as into hunting as he is, it seems.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star posted a video post of him in his hunting fatigues, in which he’s celebrating the forthcoming season, and thanking a manufacturer of hunting gear for sending him some new garms.

“There are five seasons in the year: spring, summer, fall, winter and elk,” Pratt had captioned.

“Can’t wait to put a hurting on a monster bull in the coming weeks. Good luck to my bugel lovin’ brothers and sisters of the woods. Be careful out there!”

He’s since deleted the video, but a fansite has handily reposted it.

And some fans are not happy.

“Chris, I LOVE your work! But I am disappointed. Bow hunting is cruel – think about it for a minute. Please… you can ask any veterinarian about this,” said one fan.

Added another: “I am a fan of yours. I like your movies, you’re funny. But I didn’t know you were a hunter. Hunting animals for sport/fun is something I find hard to understand and never will. I know this won’t matter to you or anyone else one bit, but I won’t be following you anymore nor will I pay to see any of your movies. I’m not an activist nor do I get on my high horse much but I am an animal lover and do not believe any animal should be hunted for fun.”

Chris Pratt <span>(Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)</span>
Chris Pratt (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“You shoot defenseless animals with high-powered rifles?” asked another fan. “OK. You’ve gone down in my estimations. Shame.”

Concluded another: “No!!! Unfollowing with a heavy heart.”

That said, some came out in support of Pratt too.

“Instead of thinking with your ‘feelings’ learn the facts,” said one. “Hunters and fishermen contribute nearly $8 million a day to support wildlife and wildlife agencies. Hunter’s keep elk and deer population in check, without this they would die of starvation or disease. The best form of eating organic is by hunting.”

Added another: “A lot of crybabies in here that don’t understand the concept of hunting. We enjoy the challenge of a good kill but also respect nature more than most. You don’t really understand if you’ve never hunted before.”

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