Chris Pine says he’s not ready to be hated by children all over the world for his villain role in ‘Wish’

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Actors Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose talk with Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy about Pine’s role as the villain King Magnifico in Disney’s “Wish.”

Video Transcript

KEVIN POLOWY: King Magnifico makes quite an impression in this movie. After that first confrontation with Asha, my eight-year-old daughter turned to me and she said, "I don't like that guy."

CHRIS PINE: Perfect.

KEVIN POLOWY: You struck a nerve.

CHRIS PINE: I did my job.

KEVIN POLOWY: You struck a nerve. Afterwards, they were describing, they were, like, "Ugh". That's the word they used. It wasn't even a word, it was just a sound. Are you prepared to be hated by children all over the world?

CHRIS PINE: That's an intense question.


No, actually. Thank God I'm animated.

KEVIN POLOWY: Right. It would just be your voice. No, but I mean, this is all compliment. I'm saying, I think this is the makings of an all-time Disney villain.

CHRIS PINE: We'll see. We'll see. They chose Jennifer, and Fawn, and Chris to do this thing, 100 years, the 100th anniversary. They chose the best of the best. And if I can be catapulted because of their skills into the pantheon of great villains, I'd be very happy.

KEVIN POLOWY: Yeah. I mean, I feel like we haven't seen you do too many villains. Is this your--

CHRIS PINE: I've played some before, but not-- I've done some in animated television before, which is a lot of fun, but nothing at this level, no.

CHRIS PINE: This might be your most villainous to date.



ARIANA DEBOSE: The day that

(SINGING) This is the thanks I get

dropped, I texted Chris and said, my friend, incredible work. It's such a bop. You are one of the greatest villains of all time.

I don't know. I love Chris Pine. I'm going to love to hate Chris Pine forever.