Chris Pine refuses to watch his old rom-coms

Anne Hathaway being held by Chris Pine
Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine in "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement."Buena Vista Pictures
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  • Chris Pine says he avoids rewatching his movies, especially his early romantic comedies.

  • Pine's breakthrough roles were in rom-coms like 2004's "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement."

  • "It's too difficult because then you're thinking, 'God, why did I fucking do that?'" Pine told Business Insider.

It turns out Chris Pine doesn't go out of his way to watch the stuff he stars in, especially the old romantic comedies.

Before Pine teamed up with Denzel Washington to stop a runaway train in "Unstoppable" or play a heartthrob spy in the "Wonder Woman" franchise, he was a struggling actor who would take any job so he could stop working as a restaurant host in LA.

He got his break playing the male lead in rom-coms. Specifically, early 2000s titles like "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement," "Just My Luck," and "Blind Dating."

While chatting with Pine for our "Role Play" interview, we asked Pine if he's ever stumbled across those titles and spent a few moments watching them.

Chris Pine in a suit
Chris Pine.Marleen Moise/WireImage/Getty

"I mean, not a chance," Pine, 43, responded. "And that's for most of my films. It's too difficult because then you're thinking, 'God, why did I fucking do that?' Or 'Why did they pick that take?'"

But that doesn't mean he never hears from fans of his work as a romantic leading man.

"I get more people coming up to me about 'Princess Diaries 2,' and I think that's because it's played for so many generations of young girls now," Pine said. "So that's a trip."

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