Chris Pine Would Be Down For A Princess Diaries 3 Return, But Has One Request

 Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine looking longingly at  each other.
Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine looking longingly at each other.

It’s hard to believe, but it's been over two decades since The Princess Diaries was released in theaters and nearly just as long since the sequel, Royal Engagement, followed in its footsteps. Fans of the beloved and charming Disney modern-day fairytale of the early ’00s have been clamoring for a third Diaries installment for years, and recently, one was announced. However, when it comes to the upcoming Disney movie, there's a question of which stars will return. Now, one of the franchise’s actors, Chris Pine, has given fans a glimmer of hope. It turns out he is interested in returning for the threequel, yet he'd apparently like one request to be met before he signs a deal.

Chris Pine famously played Mia Thermopolis' (Anne Hathaway) love interest, Nicholas Devereaux, in the 2004 sequel, which arguably helped establish him as a heartthrob at the time. The star was walking the red carpet at the premiere of his new action-adventure comedy, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, in Los Angeles on Sunday when he spoke with ET about the prospects of joining another sequel in the Diaries franchise. He enthusiastically indicated that he is ready to go and hinted that the ball is in Disney's court:

Yeah, I’m here! I’m here for it. Give me — give me a phone call or an email.

However, he A-lister admits that if he is part of a sequel soon, he has one request. He thinks his character’s hairstyle might need updating from the gloriously tall 2004 style he sported in his first outing. When jokingly asked by the interviewer whether or not Nicholas would still have hair that was “11 feet tall”, the Star Trek star comically responded that he thinks this time around, they will be keeping his “helmet very close.”

While fans have been eager for news on the third film, plot details, and casting information have been kept hush-hush. However, what we do know is that Scorpion and Supergirl writer Aadrita Mukerji has been hired to pen a new Princess Diaries movie for Walt Disney Studios. Reportedly, Anne Hathaway has yet to sign on to the project, and Julie Andrews told People back in December it was unlikely she would  make a comeback for a third movie. Still, according to sources close to the project, the script is being written to entice both actresses to return. Maybe Chris Pine's interest, albeit with the request of a new “do,” could help the producers draw the other actors to the production.

The key reason The Princess Diaries story has not continued in some capacity up until now is likely due to the death of the original two films’ director, Garry Marshall, back in 2016. The news of Marshall’s passing hit fans a bit harder as the filmmaker was supposedly working on something tied to the franchise just a few months before his passing. During an April 2016 interview, Marshall opened up about what he was working on regarding the story of Queen Mia.

Whether or not the threequel finally materializes and can bring back the original cast is yet to be seen. But either way, the franchise will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans. With its heartwarming story and beloved characters, it has become a classic of the romantic comedy genre. We may return to Genovia sooner than later, but one thing is for sure. If the movie happens, Chris Pine will be sporting a much cleaner look. Until there is more news regarding a third movie, fans will have to settle for watching the originals, which you can stream with a Disney+ subscription.

Also, Chris Pine can be seen next starring in his latest movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Amongst Thieves, when it finally opens as part of the 2023 new movie release schedule on March 31.