Chris Jericho Responds After Fan Says Britney Spears Is ‘Jacked’ Like Him


Pop star Britney Spears is getting some love from wrestler Chris Jericho!

Fans think that the 41-year-old pop star has been looking fitter ever since she started her water fast, and somehow, the wrestler’s name ended up in the conversation!

Chris Jerico Responds After A Fan Says Britney Spears Is 'Built' Like Him!


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Earlier this week, the “Toxic” singer took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of her drinking a glass of water through a straw. She is wearing a tiny red top along with camo-print bottoms. “Britney Spears reveals she has started fasting: ‘Just water !!!’” reads the top of the tweet.

The conversation quickly got going online, with one user responding, “Someone said she built like Chris Jericho smh.” However, the conversation quickly caught the wrestler’s attention when one user tagged him, asking, “What do you have to say about this?”

Chris Jericho retweeted the exchange, adding, “I wish I was as jacked as her!” Fans replied to the comment with many laughing face emojis. “Let’s be honest. It’s mostly just the hair. And maybe the hips,” one fan teased. “Yah but she didn’t beat Austin and The Rock on the same night,” another follower wrote.

“You two are very similar dancers,” another fan joked. “Personally find it so strange someone would tag you in this. The attempt at body shaming is ridiculous on both parts,” another user shared. “Good of you taking the high road on this one,” another fan agreed while other followers expressed disbelief that he even replied at all!

Is Britney Spears Toning Up For A Career Comeback?

The "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer does not engage with her fans much on X, formerly known as Twitter. Instead, she has been using her social media accounts to promote her memoir, "The Woman In Me," which hits bookshelves on October 24. Earlier this week, she promoted her memoir on the same day that the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards aired, teasing that fans would get a behind-the-scenes look at her past performances in her new memoir.

"One of my favorite award shows has always been the @vmas !!!" she wrote in the caption. "I had so many great times on that stage and I’ve even been called the 'Queen of MTV' 😏😏😏 … I can’t wait to share more VMAs and other award show memories in #TheWomanInMe on Oct. 24 !!!"

“That was my favorite of all time you even posted my exact favorite moment! When you looked left and right and said ohhhh I did it again !!!!” one fan exclaimed. “You are still the Queen of MTV, it’s always good to hear from your Britney, I’m a big fan. Thank you, Queen, we support you,” another follower shared.

That Won't Be The Only VMAs Moment In Her Memoir!

Pop star Britney Spears made her mark in pop culture history during her 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance when she danced to "I'm A Slave 4 U" with a giant snake wrapped around her shoulders. "One of my favorite performances was with an albino python 😳🐍💃🏼 … I still remember how scared I felt when I was handed this snake and took the stage !!! I talked more about this performance and other favorites in my book #TheWomanInMe … I can’t wait for you to read it on October 24th," she wrote in the caption.

Many fans also expressed excitement to hear more about the event and assured her that they already have the book on preorder!