Chris Hemsworth's Funniest Pre-'Ghostbusters' Moments

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Given the comedic caliber of the Ghostbusters cast, nobody would have bet that supporting actor Chris Hemsworth would give one of the film’s funniest performances. Cowriter Katie Dippold told Yahoo Movies that Hemsworth’s role changed quite a bit over the course of production; where she originally envisioned Kevin as apathetic about his gig as the Ghostbusters’ assistant , other revisions to the story sent the character in a different direction, with Hemsworth’s input. “We started playing around with it and Chris started improvising a lot, and [the role] kind of became this lovable dummy,” Dippold explained. “He’s a really great improviser.”

Though best known for roles like Thor and The Huntsman, in which much of the acting is done with his biceps, Hemsworth has nevertheless dropped a few hints along the way that he just might be a secret comedy machine. Here are five pre-Ghostbusters moments that show off Hemsworth’s hidden superpower.

“Brunch” on SNL (2015)

During his two appearances on Saturday Night Live, Chris Hemsworth landed a lot of jokes — but no sketch demonstrated his total commitment to comedy better than this drag bit, in which Hemsworth plays a Thor-obsessed woman named Claire. The sketch takes a fantastically meta turn, and allows Hemsworth to get in an excellent dig at his also-famous brother Liam: “Liam is gross. I heard he breastfed until he was four.”

The Cabin in the Woods (2009)

Filmed prior to Thor, this horror-comedy featured Hemsworth as one of the fresh-faced teenagers who get picked off by a mysterious killer at a remote cabin. Hemsworth’s straight-faced performance has some delightful moments of goofiness, like this scene at a lake (watch it above). Don’t kill the gorgeous man!

Vacation (2015)

This comedy franchise reboot starring Ed Helms and Christina Applegate failed bigger than a road trip to Wally World. Still, Hemsworth managed to bring the laughs, with the help of his famous six-pack and a very noticeable prosthetic.

“Spaceship” on SNL (2015)

Hemsworth’s SNL debut saw him playing a spaceship captain who’s secretly romancing a member of the crew… who also happens to be a live chicken. The sketch would test the poker face of even the most experienced improviser, but Hemsworth does a pretty good job holding himself together.

The Avengers press tour (2012)

The Avengers films are blessed with exceptionally witty and charming actors, and come press time, Hemsworth is always a standout. During the Avengers press tour, he was paired with Chris Evans (Captain America), and their banter during this Extra interview — during which Hemsworth grills Evans about his love life, and talks about his Aussie Dancing with the Stars stint — is priceless.