Chris Hemsworth 'Look Alike’ Went Viral, Then The Avenger Totally Made His Day

The "Thor" franchise has made quite an impact on the zeitgeist, so naturally many fans want to be the hammer-throwing superhero. Whether you want to dress up as Fat Thor at Disneyland or show off your impressive Thor cosplay look at a film's premiere, he’s become an incredibly beloved character in the MCU. Not to mention, I think the "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth is a celebrity many men wish they could wake up as. And now, one fan has gone viral after humorlessly asking his followers if he was the next “look-alike” of the Marvel star, and then the "Avengers" actor totally made this fan's day by responding to the funny post. Plenty of men probably wish they looked like a superhero-ripped Son of Odin. One fan named Justin humorously wondered if he nailed the part of a Chris Hemsworth “look-alike” as he posted a side-by-side photo of himself and the MCU actor on Twitter. This viral photo has received 26.3 million views with 26 thousand likes. In the caption, he jokingly pointed out that girls have said he looks like Chris Hemsworth. The Australian actor’s response to this was nothing but good humor right back at him which you can check out here.