Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 6


Photos: Chris Harrison

Hola, Bachelor Nation! It’s good to be back and we were so excited to continue to explore South America for the first time ever in the beautiful and romantic city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We started the week off with a bang, with JoJo being the first Bachelorette ever to tackle the two-on-one date twice. The two-on-one date with Chad and Alex ended up being pretty black and white, but the two-on-one date with two of the frontrunners in JoJo’s heart really was a game-changer. Before we get to that, let’s talk about Wells.


Wells is a different kind of fellow than we usually have on our show, and for that reason, we really like him. JoJo did too. She was drawn to his sense of humor and enthusiasm and was really looking forward to getting this one on one time alone with him to see if they could get beyond friendship and get really romantic. The daytime date at Fuerza Bruta was stunning and exiting and bizarre, but once nighttime hit, it became clear to JoJo that while she liked Wells, she could tell she was never going to fall in love with him, and for that reason she did one of the most difficult things a Bachelorette ever has to do, and that’s send someone home from a one-on-one date.

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As a huge soccer fan myself, I can’t imagine a more fun group date than running around La Boca, eating food, dancing, and playing soccer with the locals. This group of guys had an amazing time soaking in the culture and getting their hats handed to them by some fun local guys with fancy footwork. That night the teamwork fell to the wayside, and the competitive juices really got flowing. When you live in a house with a bunch of guys dating your girlfriend, things are bound to get weird, and obviously there was some tension between James and Jordan. Where that came from is anyone’s guess really, as there are always several sides to any story, but once again, JoJo found herself in a position where she had to talk to Jordan about his intentions and Jordan found himself on the defensive again. I have a feeling this may be a recurring theme and once again the recipient of the first impression rose has a target on his back. Maybe it’s time to start hoping you don’t get that rose, gents!

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The two-on-date between Derek and Chase was weighing heavily on JoJo’s mind. You saw what happened and I don’t need to rehash it all, but to say that JoJo was conflicted and to say it was a difficult day is a massive understatement. Derek was the first guy she went on a date with and Chase was her date the second week. No one has ever been put to a decision this hard this fast. I’m proud of JoJo for taking on that task. She once again proved that she was taking this seriously and was testing her relationships constantly as she quests to find her husband in the group of fine men.


After a week of hard decisions, you all saw JoJo walk out on the rose ceremony and decide NOT make a decision at the end of the week. I knew it was the right thing for her to do. She needed more time with these men before ruling any out as her husband. This obviously will only make things more difficult next week, but as we know by now, JoJo is not afraid of tough choices.

Things are about to get even crazier as we close in on hometowns and people continue to fall in love. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon!

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