Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 9

At the rose ceremony in Brooklyn. (Photo: Chris Harrison)
At the rose ceremony in Brooklyn. (Photo: Chris Harrison)

It’s been another incredibly emotional week here in Bachelor Nation, and to say that next week is going to really blow you away would be a massive understatement. We only had one hour this week to show you what went down between Andi’s surprise appearance, the rose ceremony, and the beginning of the overnight dates in Finland — so next week is going to be a full three hours. We’ll take one more step toward the finale, and also take a step into the past, as 19 women come back for The Women Tell All.

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When relationships dissolve, there is often a fair amount of unsettled business. Andi and Nick had a very close but also a very tumultuous relationship a few years back on The Bachelorette, and when we were in New York, where Andi lives now, she decided to pay Nick a visit. Now, I want to be clear in stating that I am absolutely confident that Andi is over Nick and that Nick is over Andi. But they shared some really meaningful time together, and I think seeing each other was positive and healthy for both of them. You never have to live in the past, but when you can look back, learn from it, and even laugh a little bit, it’s always a good thing. Andi is also a beloved member of Bachelor Nation, and we always like seeing her around, so we were very happy she decided to show up.

Nick hands out the post-hometown dates roses. (Photo: Chris Harrison)
Nick hands out the post-hometown dates roses. (Photo: Chris Harrison)

Soon after Nick and Andi said their final goodbyes again, it was time for the much-anticipated rose ceremony. We know you’ve been waiting for this one, and even though it seemed like it might never happen, Nick said goodbye to Corinne. Corinne had an amazing journey on this season. First she was the one that everyone loved to hate, but all season long she was the one that everyone talked about. I think Corinne is multifaceted and truly an interesting young woman. She’s funny, she’s sassy, and she’s unapologetic. We will miss her. But you won’t have to for long because she’ll be back at The Women Tell All next week to see Taylor and Nick for the first time since the two-on-one date in the swamp.

Vanessa, Rachel, and Raven. Three very wonderful and three very different women. And Finland! What a different place for exotic overnight dates. We haven’t been to a cold destination for a finale in five years, and Finland, especially Finnish Lapland, was somewhere we were all very excited to go. The overnight dates took place in Inari Saariselka, which is very far up north in Finland, and it was an amazing place to see the northern lights. It was also very cold, and very quiet. The sun didn’t really rise until about 10 a.m., and it started setting at 3 p.m. This, obviously meant longer nights, and longer overnights, which is great — because at this point, Nick needs every moment he can get with these women to find out what to do next. We saw Raven’s VERY interesting date, and we’ll hear more about that next week, followed by Rachel and Vanessa’s dates. And you’ll also get to see all the women, back for one more chance to set the record straight and to see Nick at The Women Tell All. See you next week, Bachelor Nation!

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