Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 3

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Photo: Chris Harrison (instagram)
Photo: Chris Harrison (instagram)

It’s good to have you back, Bachelor Nation! Last week ended in dramatic style, with Nick telling the women about his past with Liz. This week was even more dramatic — but before we get into it, let me share some of my thoughts on how Nick handled the Liz situation. I think Nick was in a very tricky predicament, and considering how things played out, I’m not sure he could have handled it any better. In some ways, Christen was very helpful in this whole situation. If she hadn’t been honest with Nick about what Liz had told her, Nick may have found himself less willing to tell the women the full truth without revealing things about Liz that he did not feel were his place to reveal. Luckily, everything worked out. Liz got her answer about a potential future with Nick, and Nick got to usher in a phase of total and complete honesty with the rest of the women.

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Sometimes it’s hard to break down that barrier, but as you saw, a lot of the questions that women had about Nick were put to rest during the cocktail party. Speaking of rest, Corinne is the first woman in history to sleep through a rose ceremony. Corinne is so fascinating to me. She is unapologetically herself, and while that makes her so refreshing, it makes sense why the rest of the women in the house found her actions disconcerting. Being on The Bachelor is a difficult situation for all involved. Even the mildest provocation can have dire consequences. This is only the beginning of Corinne’s journey, but I guarantee you will see her differently in a few weeks.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

The first date of the week was spectacular. We fulfilled the teenage wishes of every woman in that house, as well as pretty much every crew member on staff. What could be cooler than a private concert by the Backstreet Boys in your living room? Only getting to dance with them on stage, I guess. I want to thank them for their generosity with their time and for sharing the stage with Nick and the ladies. It was a dream come true.

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That night we really got to see Nick’s romance with Danielle L start to blossom. They had quite a connection during the day, but at night, they took a big set forward. That night also prompted what we will call NannyGate. Corinne’s Nanny. What do we think? I would like to have a nanny; it sounds very relaxing. But a lot of the women didn’t find the idea of a grown woman having a nanny so charming. Again, this is only the beginning of NannyGate, and I’m excited to see what unfolds.

This week was not short on incredible dates. Vanessa got the second one-on-one of the season and it was truly insane. The Zero-G plane is an experience like no other. Because of the close quarters we were only able to send a handful of crew members up there, and we had to use smaller, more compact cameras than ever to capture this date perfectly. After the first few minutes went so well and were so magical, Vanessa got sick and Nick was quick to comfort her. Sometimes the unplanned parts of dates are the best. Half of our crew got motion sickness as well, by the way. But that’s all part of the fun for a once in a lifetime experience.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

Our final date of the week was a track and field date with Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter. These three Olympic gold medalists were some of the nicest and most charismatic guests we’ve ever had. Nick ran track in high school, so this date was right in his wheelhouse. The women had an especially good time too, except for Dominique. Unfortunately, Dominique let the competition get the better of her, and she forgot that you have to run your own race and not always look at your competitors. She’s a wonderful woman and I’m glad that she and Nick parted ways with mutual respect and admiration for each other.

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As is becoming tradition, Nick and the ladies replaced the formality of the evening cocktail party with the fun of a pool party. Casual atmospheres bring out a different side of people, and it’s important to see your potential life partner in all settings and all situations. Things obviously started off as fun, but the women quickly began to hone in on Corinne, and they are starting to question Nick’s decision-making based on his relationship with Corinne. In Nick’s defense, he is only starting to get to know these women, and they are all very different — and as such, he is right to try to think of every relationship individually.

After her one-on-one date, Vanessa was especially concerned about Nick’s feelings for Corinne, and as we leave you until next week, Vanessa is weighing her own feelings about Nick and the whole situation. At this point, only time will tell. We hope you enjoyed this week — and we really hope you enjoyed Josephine’s song. She is truly one of the most wonderfully interesting women we’ve met in recent memory, and moments like that really make us all enjoy the work we do trying to find love for people in a unique setting.

See you next week!

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