Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2

Doesn't Nick look excited? (Photo: Chris Harrison)
Doesn’t Nick look excited? (Photo: Chris Harrison)

Hello again, Bachelor Nation! We are only one week into the dates this season and it’s already proving to be one of the most talked about, most dramatic, and most controversial seasons in Bachelor history. This week ended with a moment that was inevitable for Nick since the moment Liz got out of the limo, but before we get to that, and the aftermath coming next week, let’s dive into the dates first.

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No one in Bachelor Nation better personifies that phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” than Nick. He is a friend to many, but no matter how hard he has tried, he still hasn’t been able to hold onto that everlasting love we all want, at least not yet. The first date of the season was a really fun one for Nick and shows his desire to meet someone who wants something permanent, but also knows how to let go and enjoy life. I think it was big of Nick to acknowledge that he didn’t always handle group dates well, and he tried to give the women some helpful insight. Some of the them heeded his advice. Others, not so much.

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All the women were amazing sports and really took to their roles for the photo shoot. Alexis was sensational, and her sense of humor shines through, whether she is a dolphin or a shark or a pregnant woman with a gun. Brittany was an excellent sport, taking her role as Eve very seriously and just having fun. Corinne, however, decided to give herself her own role as “topless woman.” As you may have noticed, there is a trend beginning with Corinne. She is unapologetic about what she is here for, and she is going after it. I must applaud her level of honesty, though. It’s very easy to play both sides and pretend you’re not just going for what you want regardless of anyone else. Corinne tells you what she’s going to do — and she does it. Judging from the fact that she got the first group date rose, it’s likely we’ll be seeing her date Nick for a while.

Alexis the shotgun bride (Photo: Chris Harrison)
Alexis the shotgun bride (Photo: Chris Harrison)

The first one-on-one date of the season is always a big one. Sometimes the person who gets it has a wonderful time, and sometimes the jealousy that comes along with getting that date creates conflict in the house that can overshadow the relationships themselves. I don’t think Nick could have picked a better date to get his love story started than Danielle M. The neonatal nurse is a catch, and her openness about her past and her hope about the future really make her someone to learn and grow with. The first date is obviously very nerve-racking for any Bachelor, as it sets the tone for their romantic journey. I think Nick and Danielle both left the night very happy, but more importantly, very hopeful.

And then there was Liz. I understand that it would be nearly impossible to live in a house full of women who are also dating Nick and not tell any of them about your previous experience with him, but needless to say, it didn’t go well. Nick was in a tough spot: On the one hand, he didn’t want to tell people about Liz’s private business, but on the other hand, he didn’t want to deceive any of the other women. He never lied to them, but omission itself can feel dishonest. Thankfully, Christen was upfront and honest with Nick and let him know that the cat was out of the bag. By doing this, Nick was free to address any potential rumors. But first he had to say goodbye to Liz. I really don’t think it had anything to do with their past. Their conversation that night and the weirdness of the day cemented something for Nick: while there was a past with Liz, there was no future. I think in some ways the strength of his date with Danielle M. made him confident about his chances to find someone, and he no longer felt like Liz was a viable option.

Telling the other women what had happened with Liz was obviously something Nick felt like he had to do, but boy was it uncomfortable. And the women at this point don’t really know the whole story. Next week, we will see more about how the remaining women respond to this new information, and of course the dates will continue. I promise you that we are just getting started. Bachelor Nation, you have no idea what you’re in for. See you next Monday!

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