Chris Harrison Blogs ‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 7

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation! Once again we had to wait two weeks to see more of Rachel’s love story unfold, but now we are back — and we hope you’re ready for luxury, glamour, and romance in Geneva, Switzerland, which was our last international stop before heading to hometown dates.

With only six men remaining, Rachel had three one-on-one dates and a three-on-one date. We decided to do things a little differently this year and gave Rachel roses on all her dates, even in the final week before hometowns. That really changed the game a lot, and it also meant Rachel was faced with tough decisions. Rather than having a full week to decide who she wants to give roses to, she had to end each date deciding if that individual man would receive a hometown rose or not. That was very different and it threw everyone off their game.

No one had it rougher this week than Matt and Adam, who both ended up very unlucky as a result of these changes and never got 1-on-1 dates. It also really put new pressures on Bryan, Dean, and Peter to get those hometown roses and make sure they got a chance to introduce Rachel to their families.

Bryan’s date was the high end Geneva most of us only ever see in movies. And yes, Rachel and Bryan did keep those Breitling watches, a fact that definitely made the other fellows jealous. Bryan really opened up to Rachel about how bad things went last time he brought someone home to meet his family. Will things happen the same way again for him? We’ll find out next week for sure, now that we know he will be getting a hometown date.

Dean’s date was beautiful, and it was Easter Sunday in Geneva. Their tour of the town was gorgeous and amazing and all the things you could ever expect from a Bachelorette date, but the conversation during the day did not dive below the surface, and that was very frustrating to Rachel. Thankfully, she called him out on it at night and they talked through his unconventional upbringing, something I know Rachel did not judge him on. I completely understand why Dean would be so reticent to bring someone home, particularly because he hasn’t kept so close to his family in recent years, but I’m really glad he believed that Rachel would see him for who he was as an individual and they both decided to visit Colorado to meet Dean’s family.

Peter’s date was maybe the most emotional. Beyond the fact that the clouds came in over Glacier 3000 and almost swallowed them whole, Peter opened up to Rachel about how difficult this whole experience was for him. Rachel didn’t have an easy ride on Nick’s season either, so she was more than a little bit empathetic to the whole thing. Peter has been a slow mover and while Rachel really wants to help him open up, this setback did create a little bit of fear inside of her, wondering if Peter was going to be able to ever let go and just let himself fall. I think she believes he can, but he has definitely raised her level of awareness moving forward. He got the rose, of course, and it wasn’t long before it became clear that the final date of the week was going to be a three-on-one date. One rose, three men — the first one in Bachelor history.

And it didn’t disappoint. It was such a difficult day for Rachel, and understandably so, as she had to say goodbye to two great men. Even though you didn’t get to see as much of Matt and Adam, Rachel spent a lot of time with them and got to know them really, really well. They were a big part of her journey and her love story, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that this was the hardest day for Rachel so far. Eric, a man who got his first one-on-one date just last week in Copenhagen, got the rose and will be taking Rachel back to Baltimore to meet the most important people in his life.

And now we are heading back to America to meet the families of Peter, Dean, Eric, and Bryan. Next week we will learn so much more about these four amazing men. We will see you then!

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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