'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs Episode 8

Chris Harrison
·TV Host

Welcome back, Bachelor Nation. What a complex and compelling week we have to discuss. The site for this week’s drama was the small western Irish town of Killarney. To get there, our crew loaded up on a big bus and made the four hour cross country trek from Dublin. You want to make a really good reality show? Put a camera on this crew traveling across Ireland together. Just the scene of about fifty of us getting off to eat at a pit stop is enough to sell this idea. This week was so different, I’m going to approach this blog a bit differently. So first I’ll talk about who went home and why.

Joe was sent home directly from the group date. While it wasn’t a huge surprise he went home this week, as his relationship with Kaitlyn just wasn’t growing quite as quickly as with the other men, we weren’t expecting Kaitlyn to do it right then and there. But after Joe professed his love she felt it was only fair to just rip the band-aid off immediately and not make the guy wait.

Joe’s reaction may get some negative response from fans, and I understand that, but I also understand where he was coming from. Joe just professed his love to a woman and was then rejected. His heart and pride were hurting and that was his immediate reaction. He was cold and distant. I get that in the moment. I also understand Kaitlyn wanting to end it on better terms. At the end of the day this is a breakup, and those don’t always go so nice. Unless of course you’re breaking up with a guy like Jared. Jared took his departure far better. He’s a truly classy guy and everybody on our crew loved having him around. Now we just need to work on his facial "hair.”


Bottom line is, at this point, it’s clear that Kaitlyn is in love or at the very least falling in love with Shawn, Nick, and Ben. These other two relationships just weren’t on par with those.

Speaking of the final three, let’s discuss Ben first. Ben might just be the guy that swoops in and steals Kaitlyn’s heart while the other two are busy fighting and worrying about each other. Ben is the calm eye in the middle of this drama storm, and Kaitlyn is clearly falling for him. He’s got everything a woman could want and he’s making her the center of attention, not the drama.

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As for Nick and Shawn, they just don’t like each other at all. These two have never seen eye to eye and they never will. You may have noticed by now that it has gotten to the point where Shawn wont even call Nick by name. He’s only referred to as “the other guy.” Shawn already hated Nick, but then Kaitlyn decided to drop a truth bomb on his heart and let him know she had sex with Nick. Shawn honestly dealt with this about as well as he could. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had run away or if his head has just exploded on the spot like in some cartoon.

He was smart to take a minute to collect his thoughts and then approach Kaitlyn. He was ultimately pushed by his heart and his love for Kaitlyn to stay and fight this out. I did appreciate the fact that after more thought, he pulled Kaitlyn aside at the rose ceremony and had a more in depth talk with her. Shawn’s biggest issue is trust, and his worst fears were realized when Kaitlyn had sex with Nick. You knew this wouldn’t just go away. Of all the times I’ve been impressed with Kaitlyn this season, it was at this moment during this talk with Shawn at the rose ceremony. I felt she handled herself incredibly well. She was honest and open about everything and explained herself very well. She was incredibly good at articulating her feelings and where she stood on every point. I like how she explains what happened with Nick. I also appreciate her having the guts to tell Shawn that it was a mistake to tell him he was "the one” half way through this process. Kaitlyn has made several mistakes along her journey. Guess what: We’re all human and we all do! Owning those mistakes and where you go from there is the sign of who you really are. I like where she’s gone, and how she’s recovered from those mistakes.

While Shawn was able to move on with Kaitlyn he sure as heck isn’t done with Nick. As far as he’s concerned, Nick is a snake in the grass and it was time to deal with him. Shawn went to confront Nick and you saw part of that drama. It gets even crazier, believe me.


Shawn had a decision to make this week: Tuck his tail and run or stand and fight for the woman he loves. I guess we got our answer. The overnight dates have started, and you saw that Nick’s date went very well. Say what you will about him, but he and Kaitlyn have undeniable chemistry. They are good together and that’s easy to see. You will see the other two overnight dates next week along with the rest of the Shawn and Nick throwdown. This has been a roller coaster of a season, but the lid is about to blow off this baby and you don’t want to miss it!

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