'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs Episode 6

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Well, we picked up this week’s episode of The Bachelorette right where we left off last week. Ian, for whatever reason, decided to give Kaitlyn a piece of his mind, and that piece wasn’t pretty. It’s OK to feel that you don’t have a connection with a person. It’s OK to feel like someone isn’t the right kind of person for you. But to just totally come out of nowhere and blindside Kaitlyn the way Ian did, well that was just uncalled for. Kaitlyn wasn’t shy about her feelings in response to this. In fact, I was pretty impressed at her restraint, as I know a lot of people who would’ve given Ian a drink to the face.

I guess they don’t teach “How to not make a woman want to slap you” at Princeton either. I can’t wait to hear what Ian has to say at the Men Tell All, and I look forward to giving him his chance to tell his side of that night.

Even though Nick wasn’t here last week, he was the first to be there for Kaitlyn after her difficult conversation with Ian. He had the group date rose, and of course that set the other guys off more than just a little bit — but hey, when you like someone and she’s hurting, you make it your business to get in there.

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The distaste Shawn has for Nick is intense, but it’s understandable. I think we often forget how weird it is to watch someone you’re falling for spend time with someone else. And yes, of course they know what they’re signing up for when they date the Bachelorette, but until you’re in it, you just can’t know exactly how hard it is. I’m not even sure it’s personal at this point — it’s just difficult for Shawn to see someone he loves lock lips with another man.


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At this point you all know I’m a proud Texan. To say I was excited to be shooting the rose ceremony at the historic Alamo would be a gross understatement. I know I annoyed the crew and producers with my excitement and constant talk of Texas history — but what can I say? That’s what we proud Texans do. Many events have shut down the plaza in front of the Alamo, but for us they shut down the entire mission giving us very rare complete access actually on the grounds. It was a real honor to walk those hollowed grounds alone at night. A huge thanks to our friends from tourism, San Antonio PD, and especially the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team, the real deal) for making this night happen. What you didn’t see on camera is hundreds of locals waited hours and hours to see our rose ceremony. Before we started I asked the crowd to help us out by being as quiet and respectful as possible. After the ceremony, I was lucky enough to walk down the line and personally thank every person who stayed until the end. Thanks to the great people of San Antonio for a rose ceremony to remember.

After an amazing few weeks in our homeland it was time to head abroad and we took Kaitlyn to a place she wanted to go more than anywhere else: Dublin, Ireland. Upon arrival, I immediately had a Guinness and headed down to a local pub where I had the best shepherd’s pie I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you, Ireland, for your beer, your salted vanilla ice cream, your fish and chips — I had more of all of those things than any human should. Oh and did I mention the great links golf courses and Irish whiskey? Heaven!

Kaitlyn decided to start the week by giving a date to Nick. It was pretty clear that this would make the rest of the guys question her choices, but I think Kaitlyn knew that this was a great chance for her to make a do-or-die decision with Nick. As you can imagine, this was one of the most controversial dates of the season. I think a lot of people have assumed what happens behind closed doors is always physical, but the truth is, that remains entirely between the two people involved, until now…

Kaitlyn is very open and honest about how she views sex and intimacy and I don’t think any of us are in a position to judge her for that — although that’s exactly what we all do. Sadly, it’s human nature. Kaitlyn was very clear that while she doesn’t regret her actions, she did not consider all the ramifications. I think that’s something we can all relate to; actually, I think that’s a big part of falling in love. Love doesn’t always make sense and it isn’t always logical, so asking someone to consider every possible outcome in such an emotional and unpredictable environment seems not only unfair, it’s just impossible.

I admire Kaitlyn’s honesty and I think she is doing what she feels she needs to do to figure out which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Being the Bachelorette is tricky business, and there’s no right way to do it. Before we judge Kaitlyn, let’s remember that this is about finding love, and if she makes it through the storm that’s brewing with the guys in the house, well, I’m sure it will all be worth it.

Our last date of this episode was a fake Irish wake. Obviously, we planned this date with Kaitlyn to have fun and help the guys express the thoughts that sometimes guys have a hard time expressing. It was an amazingly fun day, and Kaitlyn and I took a few minutes before the guys arrived taking selfies and drinking whiskey from her flask, trying to get into the spirit.

Obviously this date struck a chord with Ben Z., and he took it more seriously than the others. There’s a disarming sincerity to Ben Z., and every time he spends any time at all with Kaitlyn I am more and more impressed with who he is as a man. He took a hard situation and made the most of it and for that, I salute him.

That night things seemed to be right back on track. The guys on the group date sipped Guinness at the beautiful Guinness Storehouse and spent the evening having great conversations with Kaitlyn. I know you might think this was an overly touristy date, but trust me, if you ever find yourself in Dublin, you’re going to want to enjoy a pint of the real thing on the deck at the Guinness factory overlooking the entire city. Jared got the rose and got to go to Christ Church for one of the coolest moments I can remember. Hearing the Cranberries sing “Linger” in that cathedral was really romantic, and the night seemed to be ending on an up note…


But then things took a turn. Shawn’s feelings for Kaitlyn are very strong and sometimes those feelings can be overwhelming. It’s clear that Shawn is falling in love, but this process is getting to him. Next week, you’ll get to see how his conversation with Kaitlyn goes, and the rest of the season is about to go wild when Kaitlyn talks openly about her relationship with Nick, and tells all. Tune in. You may never see anything like it again!

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