'Bachelor in Paradise': Chris Harrison Blogs the Season Finale


It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to another season of Bachelor in Paradise. There was romance, there was drama, there was conflict, but at the end of it, more than anything, there was love.

We are so happy to introduce our newest engaged couple, Jade and Tanner, into the Bachelor family. From the very first day in Paradise, you could tell there was something special between these two. They had a great first date, a great first kiss, and overall a really great love story. Sure, it’s a short time, but when you know, you know. Jade and Tanner are one of the cutest, sweetest couples we’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go to their wedding. I don’t have a date yet, but I’ll probably take the raccoon.


A behind-the-scenes view of Jade and Tanner’s big moment.

It’s hard to wrap up an entire season into a single blog, but I just want to touch on some of the things that happened while we lived at Playa Escondida:

Ashley I., as far as I can tell is still a virgin, and Jared is still a guy who just may be too nice for his own good. They had a tumultuous romance, but I think no matter how you look at it, they both had growing experiences, and they both are well loved by the rest of the cast and by all of us here at Paradise.

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Mikey’s return to save Juelia was one of the sweetest gestures I can remember. Mikey, though occasionally a doofus, is really one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and he’s going to make some lady meatball into a very happy woman one of these days. Juelia is someone we’ve always wanted the very best for, and while she hasn’t found love yet, you can just see the goodness behind her eyes. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her, but I’m sure it’s all good things. She deserves it.


Jorge the love guru and Juelia.

Tenley and Joshua were a classic example of a couple that had it all going for them in Paradise but just didn’t have it in them to make it work on the outside. I think Joshua wanted it more than Tenley did and Tenley was the realist and decided to cut it off before things got any worse. In many ways, that’s the smart thing to do. I’m sure she’ll finally find that right guy soon.

Speaking of that, lets get on to Kirk and Carly. They were the first kiss in Paradise and they made it all the way to the end. Somewhere along the way their paths diverged. Carly kept going up and Kirk stayed right where he was. To say that their breakup was a shocking one is an understatement. I don’t doubt that Kirk thought he was doing the right thing, but sometimes keeping your thoughts and doubts inside your head can be damaging. At the same time, sometimes your doubts are unfounded and bringing them up can sabotage a perfectly good relationship. At the end of the day, it seems like more than anything this is just one of those things that happens in Paradise, and in life — and while it’s sad, it’s nobody’s fault. Love is tough.

But Tanner and Jade are a wonderful example of what it’s like when love isn’t tough — when it’s easy and smooth and enjoyable, and it all works. And we’re hoping to see that again as we embark on our next journey with Ben Higgins. His journey as The Bachelor is starting soon and you’ll get to see it in January. Until then, Bachelor Nation, we love you, we appreciate you, and we are thankful every day for having the best fans in TV. See you in January!

The new season of The Bachelor premieres January 2016 on ABC.