Chris Hardwick's controversial return to TV as ‘AGT’ guest judge has Twitter split

Host and comedian Chris Hardwick was a guest judge on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, and because of the year he’s had, reactions on Twitter were pretty evenly split between positive and negative. Earlier this year Hardwick was investigated by AMC — a network for which he hosts multiple shows — after sexual assault claims surfaced. His ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, posted an essay on Medium implicating Hardwick. AMC cleared him of any wrongdoing, but that didn’t stop fans from reacting:

But it wasn’t all negativity surrounding Hardwick’s appearance. In fact, for every “wishing Chris Hardwick wasn’t the guest judge” tweet, there were also statements of support, like:

The positivity could have also come Hardwick’s way because he gave the golden buzzer to 14-year-old rapper, and fan favorite, Flau’jae.

So with some fans, and networks, on Hardwick’s side, it doesn’t seem like the multi-show host will have any trouble finding yet another job. In fact, after being pulled onstage to assist with an act that consists of two men making sounds with their bodies, Hardwick was quick to volunteer for future stage time.

“Thank you for making me a part of your act. I will tour with you anytime,” Hardwick said.

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