Chris Evans and Zoë Kravitz Reveal Their 'First Times' for a Good Cause — to Get People to Vote!

Chris Evans and Zoë Kravitz are opening up about their very first time — voting, that is!

The Marvel stars, alongside Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Scarlett Johansson and Chadwick Boseman partnered up for a hilarious and powerful PSA called “My First Time” in which they opened up about the first time they voted.

Playing off of innuendo, the actors and actresses urged citizens to register to vote by Oct. 9 (the voter registration deadline for most states) on behalf of March for Our Lives and We Stand United.

Giggling in embarrassment, Big Little Lies‘ Kravitz playfully said, “My first time was in the back of a firehouse.”

Cheadle followed up it with, “Mine was in church.”

“I didn’t know how to… do it,” Ruffalo said, while Black Panther‘s Boseman hilariously added to the insinuation with, “Where to put it, where to slide it in.”

“My first time, everybody clapped when I did it,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting survivor and March For Our Lives Co-Founder David Hogg said in the video.

“My first time with a woman was 2016,” Evans joked, alluding to Hilary Clinton’s presidential run. “It felt good but it ended badly.”

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Chris Evans, Zoe Kravitz
Chris Evans, Zoe Kravitz

Cheadle added, “My parents weren’t allowed to do it until 1965. So I do it every chance I get and so should you.”

Stoneman Douglas survivor Emma Gonzalez was also featured, saying, “Whether this is your first time voting or your 69th, what matters is that you vote on Nov. 6.”

“The truth is we have the power. Our generation is the largest group of voters in this country,” she continued. “We are 70 million strong.”

Kravitz hilariously added, “So hot. Voting is so hot.”

“No matter how or where you do it, all that matters is on November 6th we need all Americans to register and vote on Election Day. Our generation has the power to be heard all across America. We need every single American to join us in the fight,” said March For Our Lives Co-Founder Delaney Tarr.

Those interested in registering to vote can do so at