Chris Evans wins the internet's heart after he chivalrously helps Regina King onstage at the Oscars

Chris Evans wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, but he has still managed to pull off a win, after beating out fellow Hollywood stars Chris Pratt, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth as “the best Chris” at the 91st Academy Awards.

As Regina King won the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actress, Evans sprung into action when he noticed that she had nearly tripped over her dress, and quickly offered his arm to escort her up to the stage to accept her award.

Evans shrunk out of the spotlight as King took the mic to give a rousing speech, seizing her moment.

Still the interaction with Evans, which was caught on camera, has taken off like wildfire across Twitter. Women and men alike are swooning over the thoughtful actor, calling him the gentleman of the evening.

Apparently, it isn’t the first time that Evans has been recognized for offering a helping hand during an award show. Back in 2015, the actor accompanied Betty White onto the People Choice Award’s stage to show that chivalry is not dead.

Jamie Lee Curtis echoed every fan girl’s sentiment with a tweet praising Evans, saying that he was “#raisedwell.”

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