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Why Twitter king Chris Evans kept being political while playing Captain America: 'I never in my life had a studio tell me to watch what I'm saying'

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When it comes to Twitter, Chris Evans has no problem sharing his feelings on the state of the union. In fact, the Avengers alum has more 13 million followers and his tweets tend to incite as much engagement as the president of the United States, who just happens to be one of the erstwhile Captain America’s favorite targets.

Evans, who played Cap in 11 films (including four cameos) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe dating back to 2012, is known for getting political on the platform — in addition to President Donald Trump, Evans has been outspoken about former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke and other conservative voices.

But the 38-year-old actor insists the volume and ferocity of his tweets has nothing to do with him departing the Disney-controlled MCU with April's Avengers: Endgame.

"I did it during Cap, too; it wasn't like I waited until that run was over. I was doing it while we were filming those movies," Evans told Yahoo Entertainment (watch above) while promoting his upcoming film Knives Out, a Rian Johnson-directed whodunit that offers plenty of social commentary amid its sharply comedic mystery intrigue.

"I've never felt limited or handcuffed by the roles I play or the studios I worked for. I never in my life had a studio tell me to watch what I'm saying."

Still, Evans admits that being an entertainer who regularly takes part in political discourse can be "tricky."

"We live in an industry that's basically is about ticket sales, and you understand a downstream impact could hurt that," he said. "But sometimes things matter just too much."

And besides, it's not all politics on his timeline. He's also known to post behind-the-scenes snaps from his tenure on the Avengers films — and plenty pics of his rescue dog, Dodger.

"Who doesn't love the dog?," he cracked. "You gotta balance it, you know what I mean? I get political, but I also got a great dog!"

Knives Out opens Nov. 27. Watch the trailer:

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