Chris Evans Swears He's "Not Photoshopped" Into These Viral Photos from the Disneyland Resort

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Apparently, these photos are to infinity—and beyond comprehension.

Over the weekend, Chris Evans headed to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif., to celebrate the upcoming release of his Disney/Pixar animated movie Lightyear.

While stopping by Disney's California Adventure Park on June 11, the 41-year-old actor met up with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other characters for a photo shoot. Sounds magical, right?

But after the Internet saw the pictures featuring Chris' traditional pose and the lightheartedness of the characters surrounding him, some began to wonder if some editing was involved. Not so fast, ladies and gentlemen.

"I promise I'm not photoshopped into these!" Chris wrote on Twitter. "I just have a very disciplined pose. (And I don't know what to do with my hands)."

Fortunately, the Internet seemed satisfied at the answer, with many fans professing their love for the actor. "Any pose will do to be honest," one user wrote on Twitter. Another follower added, "The first time I feel the want of going to Disney."

Stars at Theme Parks

As Chris celebrates his 41st birthday on June 13, chances are the actor is a little less focused on a Disneyland photo and more grateful for all the love he is receiving on his special day. Many former co-stars took to social media and expressed their fond memories of working with the actor.

Chris Evans, Disneyland
Richard Harbaugh/Disney Resorts via Getty Images

"Wishing my bro and current fashion king, @chrisevans, the happiest of birthdays!" Avengers co-star Mark Raffalo wrote on Instagram. "From Captain America to Buzz Lightyear, you always crush it in a suit."

Gifted and Snowpiercer star Octavia Spencer added, "He's generous. He's a damn good dancer. He's brilliant at running charades. If you're ever invited to game night be ready for a highly competitive evening. I recommend talking a lot of crap to throw him off his game. He's one cool dude and I love him."

Chris Evans, Disneyland
Richard Harbaugh/Disney Resorts via Getty Images

And pretty soon, fans of all ages will be able to experience his voice on the big screen thanks to Lightyear, the origin story for Toy Story action figure Buzz Lightyear. June 17 can't come soon enough.