Chris Cuomo hammers Trump for contradicting nurse on PPE shortage: 'How dare he?'

On Wednesday night, Chris Cuomo called out President Trump for seeming to dismiss a nurse who relayed to him her experience dealing with the shortage of personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic. At an event at the White House earlier in the day meant to honor National Nurses Day, Sophia Thomas, president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, told Trump that the availability of PPE for her and colleagues around the country has been sporadic, and that she’s used the same N-95 mask for weeks.

Trump crossed his arms as he responded, “Sporadic for you but not sporadic for a lot of other people, because I’ve heard the opposite. I’ve heard that they are loaded up with, with gowns now.”

“He better cross his arms in a defensive posture,” Cuomo said after playing a clip. “First of all, how dare he do that to that nurse and put her on the spot? What is she supposed to say? Disagree with him? She’s reusing her N-95 mask.”

The PPE crisis continues as unusable masks and gowns were recently delivered to hospitals. And Cuomo pointed out what healthcare workers have been saying throughout the pandemic, as Trump has repeatedly said otherwise. At the same time, Cuomo questioned why Trump refuses to accept the reality of the situation.

“In pockets all over this country, they don’t have what they need,” Cuomo said. “And for a guy who believes his fate is tied to making this pandemic end, let me ask you, why does he keep denying what it will take to make not go away? Why does he hide from the needs instead of providing them? Why doesn’t he unite this country behind that desperation of fact instead of dividing? We need the reality.”

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