Chris Cuomo’s contentious interview with St. Louis man who pointed gun at protesters

Mark McCloskey, the man who, along with his wife Patricia, was seen with a gun as protesters passed by his St. Louis home in a gated community Sunday night, appeared on Cuomo Prime Time on Tuesday in an interview that quickly devolved into a contentious butting of heads. In fact, it began with Cuomo’s first question.

Video Transcript

RON DESANTIS: Florida was going to be just like New York. Wait two weeks, Florida is going to be next. Just like Italy, wait two weeks. Well, hell, we're eight weeks away from that, and it hasn't happened.

CHRIS CUOMO: What now? Shh.

KYLIE MAR: On Cuomo "Prime Time" Monday night, Chris Cuomo called out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who railed against the media for its reporting on his handling of the coronavirus not long before Florida would become a national hotspot for new cases.

CHRIS CUOMO: Florida health officials reported nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, its highest single day since the start of the pandemic. He made Trump happy, Governor DeSantis did. And now, more Floridians than they can count accurately, appear to be sick.

KYLIE MAR: Florida is one of a handful of states that were first to reopen, but are now closing things down again. And Cuomo pointed out that even Vice President Pence is slowly beginning to take a new approach to the coronavirus.

CHRIS CUOMO: Even Pence, who you saw silently by DeSantis's side as he spewed nonsense, seems to be his strongest asset as an ally-- even he is now saying you should wear a mask. That's good, since he's the head of the coronavirus task force.

KYLIE MAR: On Monday night, the hashtag #TrumpKillsFlorida started trending. But Florida isn't alone in seeing a sudden spike in new cases as states attempts to reopen.

CHRIS CUOMO: More than half our states have growing cases now 16 are currently having to pause or roll back re-openings because they did not do the right things the right ways.