Chris Cuomo condemns Trump's 'bulls***' reaction to supporters harassing Biden bus

Stephen Proctor
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On a special Cuomo Prime Time Sunday night, Chris Cuomo condemned President Trump’s response to a caravan of his supporters harassing a Biden campaign bus on Interstate 35 in Texas on Friday. As the bus carrying campaign staff traveled from San Antonio to Austin, a convoy of trucks with Trump flags surrounded it, and forced it to slow down to around 20 miles per hour. One witness said they believed the trucks were trying to run the bus off the road, and a video shows one of the trucks hitting an SUV reportedly being driven by a Biden campaign volunteer.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted out a video of the incident with the caption, “I LOVE TEXAS!”

The incident is being investigated by the FBI, which led to Trump posting a tweet calling those involved “patriots,” and saying that they did nothing wrong.

At a rally in Michigan on Sunday, the president joked that his supporters were “protecting the bus.”

“You saw what happened in Texas with the Biden bus,” Cuomo said. “I don’t know why the president makes light of something like that. I don’t know why he has never taken an occasion to tell people to be better than they were in a moment.”

CNN conservative pundit Scott Jennings also condemned Trump’s reaction to the incident, calling it dangerous and saying that Trump should not be joking about it. The Republican establishment on the other hand, has stayed largely silent. Cuomo doesn’t believe Joe Biden would enjoy the same kind of silence if this had happened the other way around.

Speaking to Michigan’s former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Cuomo said, “Jennifer, the day that you guys learn to criticize one of your own the way that Scott just backloaded the part about telling Trump that he shouldn’t have talked that bulls*** that he talked about this situation, you guys will be a much more cohesive group of political players. Because let me tell you something, if that was a Trump bus and Joe Biden had joked about a bunch of Biden people messing with the bus, you guys would eat him for lunch, even two days before an election. He would be getting condemned from all over the place in the Democratic Party.”

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