Chris Cuomo calls Trump's support of caravan harassing Biden campaign bus 'bulls***'

Chris Cuomo condemned President Trump’s response to an incident that occurred between some of his supporters and a Biden campaign bus. As the bus traveled from San Antonio to Austin on Friday, a caravan of trucks with Trump flags surrounded the bus on the interstate, forced it to slow down, and according to an eye witness, tried to run the bus off the road. In response, Trump tweeted a video of the incident with the caption, “I LOVE TEXAS!” Upon learning the incident is being investigated by the FBI, Trump posted a tweet calling those involved patriots, and saying they did nothing wrong. Trump also joked at a rally that they were simply “protecting the bus.” Cuomo called Trump’s reaction “bulls***” and said that had this happened the other way around and Joe Biden supported people from his side harassing a Trump campaign bus on an interstate, Biden would not enjoy the same silence from Democrats that Trump has from Republicans.