Chris Cuomo Believes Diddy Will Get Hit With A RICO Case

Chris Cuomo has given his take on Sean “Diddy” Combs after his homes were raided due to his ongoing legal battles regarding alleged sex trafficking, sexual assault and more.

The former CNN news anchor joined the hosts of the Valutainement podcast, where he not only downplayed what he believes the Bad Boy CEO’s fate will be, but also predicted a RICO case in Diddy’s future.

In the simplest description, Cuomo described a RICO as “a fancy way of saying ‘we’re gonna catch you for the side activities that went into the main criminal enterprise.'” He then forecasted, “that’s how they’re going to come at Puffy. It’s a lower bar for them to make the case.”

The Cuomo host then backed his claims by breaking down how an “ordinary” investigation is usually conducted, compared to how Diddy’s was handled.

“You start working bottom up in an investigation like this. This is essentially a RICO case okay? This is a racketeering case,” he explained. “That’s what they’re going to do is get him for ancillary activities that were part of what they’re going to say was a criminal enterprise.”

Cuomo continued: “You get the little guys, they start to bubble up. You now get your subpoenas out. You get your information, your web of networks of contacts and communication — which is a treasure trove because every body’s doing this all the time [holds up phone]. Then you punctuate it with things that you now have an understanding where they might be and what they might mean and then you raid. Then you indict and or arrest.”

Comparing it to Diddy’s situation, he added, “Here, we didn’t hear about a lot of these things until the raid.” He also mentioned that the raids could have been motivated by the civil suits against Diddy, although the pressure visibly wasn’t felt by the music mogul, who’s been seen hanging out in Miami since then.

Elsewhere, the correspondent insisted that the investigation against the 54-year-old is “becoming more about Hip-Hop” and it “doesn’t smell right” from an investigative perspective. According to Cuomo, he believes Hip-Hop has become a “great boogeyman” for the feds.

“‘Hip-Hop is Bad,’ he mocked what he believes the feds think. “They don’t see it for what it is now, which is my kids’ culture. My white kids living in the Hamptons live Hip-Hop. I think that they’re going to be some big surprises in this investigation of the nothing variety. And it’s going to be a big problem for the feds. You bust in a billionaires house, who’s a major culture figure and put his kids in cuffs.”

He ended with foreshadowing that Diddy’s case will end up having a “nothing burger” aspect.

See clips of Chris Cuomo speaking on Diddy’s ongoing investigation above.

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