Chris Brown and G Herbo squash speculation that they’re feuding with each other

Chris Brown, G Herbo
Chris Brown, G Herbo
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Chris Brown and G Herbo are putting a stop to the rumor mill amid speculation that the two artists are at odds with each other. The notion that the men were feuding cropped up on Friday (Nov. 10) after Brown’s dry-humored interview with Funny Marco premiered on the “Open Thoughts” web series.

At one point during the tongue-in-cheek exchange, Marco joked that the singer reached out several times to be featured on the show. Brown, rolling with the ploy, said, “I tried to reach out — I really was hitting you up ‘cause I was like, ‘Bro, why you let G Herbo do you like that?’”

Herbo, along with Southside, appeared on the popular show in October. Their interactions with Marco were widely criticized by some viewers, who said they hijacked the interview and perceived their behavior, which included calling the host out of his name and allegedly breaking his Rolex watch, as problematic. Marco laughed before he explained his lack of reaction to the chaotic episode. “‘Cause I was just like, in the moment, ‘D**n, like, this happening. Like, d**n,’” he told Brown.

The platinum-selling artist jokingly said, “So you just letting light-skinned n**gas bully you?” Marco again reiterated that he was somewhat lost for words during the filming of the episode. As the clip gained traction on social media, so did a video PSA Herbo issued to haters. “If you have my name in yo mouth talking to another party, a person, I hope you able to back it up,” he said.

Fans incorrectly assumed his words were aimed at Brown, but the singer quickly shut down that theory. “Y’all gotta chill [with] the negative s**t. Herbo is my real [brother]. Now, y’all can go listen to the album and chill the f**k out. [Jesus] Christ!” he wrote in an Instagram Story post. His latest LP, 11:11, was released on Friday.

For his part, Herbo commented on a re-post of his PSA, whose caption further fueled the speculation. “I’m not talking ‘bout no f**king Chris. Stop posting this, gang, y’all reaching,” he wrote. It is still unclear who was the intended target of his message.

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