Chris Brown Fears Famous Friend's Private Info Could Be Exposed in Sexual Assault Case

Chris Brown is refusing to turn over his cell phone number to the woman who sued him over an alleged rape at his home, because the singer fears the woman will get private information about his famous friends.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brown admits to the court he has no plans to hand over the number to the Jane Doe suing him.

The singer believes Doe wants to take his cell phone number and then subpoena his phone records for everyone he may have called during the timeframe.

The "Indigo" singer believes if he turned over his number he will have to immediately change it. Brown claims to only hand over the number to his close friends and family.

Brown says turning it over would also lead to Jane Doe receiving private numbers of his family and countless famous friends. He calls Doe’s actions as nothing but harassment.

A judge has yet to rule on whether he has to hand over his cell phone number.

As we reported, the woman claims she ended up at Brown’s Tarzana home back in February 2017 after a night of clubbing. She claims the “Loyal” singer plied her with drugs like cocaine, Molly and marijuana before his friend Lloyd Grissom allegedly committed sexual assault.

The woman also claimed Brown was walking around brandishing firearms, including one that he allegedly carried in his waistband. She eventually sued using Jane Doe and seeking unspecified damages. Brown has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Recently, Jane Doe demanded the court step in and force Brown to hand over the cell phone number he used on the date of the alleged incident. She claimed he refused to hand over the information to her in the case calling it private and irrelevant.

The woman said she was not, “aware of any authorities that state Defendant Brown’s celebrity status entitles him to special treatment.”

She believes Brown’s cell phone number will help her subpoena the cell phone records of the witnesses and asking the judge to order the singer to hand over the number.