Chingy says making the "50 Worst Rappers" list is "absurd"

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Yesterday (Oct. 26), VladTV dropped an episode of an interview with Chingy. The rapper was asked how he felt about having a place on the viral 50 Worst Rappers of All-Time list. While speaking with the host, the St. Louis native made it clear that people need to put some respect on his name.

“They kill me,” Chingy began as he talked about those responsible for the widely discussed list. He continued, “They have nothing to do. They sit around. I don’t know if they watching videos or anything and somebody just write down some names and say, ‘Oh, these are the 50 worst rappers.’” The infamous list first appeared on social media in August. No Limit Records rapper Silkk the Shocker came in at No. 1. Other notable names included the entire St. Lunatics squad at No. 28, Benzino, G-Herbo and Desiigner. Flo-Rida and Pit Bull both came in at No. 37.

Chingy, who was 27th on the list, didn’t find the rankings funny. “It’s just absurd,” he said. The “Right Thurr” artist continued, “Here’s the thing. The people who [are] looking at it, that’s talking about it is what [gives] it energy or it would have no energy. To me, it’s invalid because it’s subjective. It’s seven billion people in this existence. When you ask each one of these people who’s your favorite rapper, you’re probably gonna get a different answer.”

“I’ve sold over 50 million records worldwide. I still have success. It’s people that love me… So how am I one of the worst rappers? If everybody in this existence [is] not saying, ‘That dude can’t rap. He’s the worst,’ then that [means you’re] not the worst. If everybody [is] not saying it, you [are] not the worst. That list is absurd and it [needs] to be done away with. Somebody got too much time on their hands,” Chingy said.

Fans still agree that his music had a lasting impact. Almost a week ago, before the VladTV interview was released, a Twitter account showed love to the rapper. “Chingy was doing his thing in the 2000s with the hits,” the post noted. The tweet showed a compilation of his biggest songs including “Holidae In” featuring Ludacris and Snoop Dogg and “One Call Away” featuring Jason Weaver. Chingy has also collaborated with Trina, Tyrese, Nate Dogg, Amerie and Janet Jackson.

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