Chingy Drops Vulnerable New Single 'Can't Blame Me' About Overcoming 'Rumors and False Narratives'

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Chingy is getting real about his past.

The rapper is launching into a new era with his vulnerable new jam, "Can't Blame Me," which premieres today exclusively on PEOPLE and marks the lead single off his upcoming sixth full-length studio album, Chinglish.

"Wanna blame me? / It's cool, 'cause you ain't said s--- / You can't blame me / When rich n----s don't want you to get rich," spits Chingy, 42, on the track. "Wanna blame me? / I'm good, just stay up out my mitts / You can't blame me / For holdin' it down, keepin' s--- lit."


Jason Little Chingy

Known for high-energy anthems like "Right Thurr" and "Holidae In" with Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, the musician hopes to show listeners a different side of himself with "Can't Blame Me."

"The fans all know my party records and how I can make music for them to have a good time, but I also want them to know about the trials and tribulations I've been through," Chingy tells PEOPLE in a statement. "This single is giving listeners insight to the sabotaging people did to me in this industry."

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As the rapper enters the Chinglish era, his intention is to capture honesty in his music and share it with listeners. "They get to see how I overcame the false rumors and false narratives people exploited about me," he adds. "I'm telling the real truth of what happened in my career through this track."


Jason Little Chingy

Produced by close collaborator Fresco Kane (Mariah Carey's "With You"), whose real name is Greg Lawary, "Can't Blame Me" marks the latest creation between him and Chingy.

The pair first worked together on 2004's "Dope Boy Fresh," released under Kane's previous stage name, Gena. "From thurr, we have been working together ever since and have collaborated on a lot of music," writes Chingy. "For this project, I knew that I wanted him to be a part of it, and he's also on another track from my Chinglish album called 'Dat Good,' which we both produced."

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While Chingy's getting back to work with a longtime collaborator, his early music is returning to the cultural zeitgeist. Last year, "Right Thurr" was featured in the opening scenes of Netflix's Oscar-nominated Don't Look Up, which gave the 2003 track a boost ahead of its 20th anniversary in April.

Two decades into his career, Chingy is reflecting on his success and accolades. "There are so many highlights, but the most memorable would definitely be winning awards from Soul Train, Billboard and the AMAs," says the rapper, who counts his 18 Platinum-certified records and collaborations with the likes of Janet Jackson (2005's "Don't Worry") and Jermaine Dupri (2006's "Dem Jeans"), as "some of the biggest highlights of my career."

"Can't Blame Me" is available to purchase and stream.