Chilling video of deadly Warner Robins robbery shows bandits draw guns, grab cash

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Houston County Sheriff's Office

Chilling video footage from a deadly armed robbery at a video poker shop on Warner Robins’ west side shows a trio of masked bandits slip into the store in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in a holdup that left a clerk shot to death.

The stickup was recorded on security cameras inside and outside the J&J Dollar Store, a converted house which is also known as Knodishall Gift Shop.

At midday on Wednesday, nearly 36 hours into their hunt for the suspects, Houston County sheriff’s investigators posted portions of the footage on Facebook in hopes of tracking down the culprits.

One of the video clips shows the gunmen walk up to the shop at about 12:14 a.m. Tuesday. A small car can be seen parked near the front door with its headlights on. One of the bandits strides toward the car and raises a pistol, aiming it at the car, a gesture that sends the vehicle on its way.

Seconds later, the first robber through the door steps inside. With a bag in hand, he points a pistol at two women near a gaming machine and he makes a beeline to the clerk’s office.

The gunman who enters next is carrying an empty plastic bag with Academy Sports markings on it. He walks over to the two women, one of whom has a handful of cash. The women then put money in the bag, and as they do the women appear to flinch, possibly at the sound of gunfire in the clerk’s office.

Investigators have said the clerk, Sabrina Renee Dollar, 43, died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

A third video clip from a vantage point inside the clerk’s office shows the first robber toting a gray Nike drawstring bag and raising his pistol to likely fire the fatal shot.

In an interview with The Telegraph, sheriff’s Capt. Jon Holland described the shooting of “this innocent victim” as unprovoked and “just cruel.”

The shop, where patrons can play video poker and buy lottery tickets, sits at the corner of Knodishall Drive and Mauk Circle. The place lies about 250 feet north of Watson Boulevard and half a mile east of Carl Vinson Parkway.

In a robbery try there in November, a gunman was chased away by a store employee waving a meat cleaver. It was unclear if the incidents were connected.

Information from Telegraph archives contributed to this report.