Chile's Boric says will oppose controversial Dominga copper-iron mine

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SANTIAGO, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Chilean President-elect Gabriel Boric said on Sunday he will oppose mining initiatives that "destroy" the natural environment, including the controversial $2.5 billion Dominga iron, copper and gold mining project.

During a speech after his electoral victory, he said his government will also expand social rights but will do so with fiscal responsibility and taking care of the economy in the world's top copper producing nation.

"Destroying the world is destroying ourselves. We do not want more 'sacrifice zones', we do not want projects that destroy our country, that destroy communities and we exemplify this in a case that has been symbolic: No to Dominga," he said.

A regional Chilean environmental commission in August had approved Andes Iron's Dominga project after years of wrangling in the country's courts and after the body had previously rejected the proposal.

The mining project would be located about 500 km (310 miles) north of the capital Santiago, and near ecological reserves.

Critics say its proximity to environmentally sensitive areas would cause undue damage. Andes Iron, a privately held Chilean company, has long rejected that assertion.

(Reporting by Anthony Esposito and Fabian Cambero)