Chiefs vs 49ers live stream: Watch the Super Bowl for free

The biggest NFL game of the year is now well underway, with the 49ers up three points. The Super Bowl’s television broadcast is being handled by CBS, and while that brings some of the best live TV streaming services into play for the live steam, not all of them carry your local CBS network. We’re here to get all of this organized so you can simply kick back and enjoy the game. Here are all the details you need to watch the Super Bowl online, including a free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream (that is totally legal to use).

Is there a free Chiefs vs 49ers live stream?

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There is a free live stream for the Super Bowl this year, and the quickest and most convenient way to go about watching the Chiefs vs 49ers for free is with Fubo TV. If you aren’t already a Fubo subscriber you can access the Fubo free trial. This will get you seven days of free access to the entirety of Fubo’s channel offerings, which includes your local CBS network and the Chiefs vs 49ers game. The Fubo free trial is a great way to watch the Super Bowl if you’re currently subscribed to a streaming service that isn’t carrying the game and you don’t want to spend a full month’s subscription on a secondary service just to watch one game.

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Watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on FuboTV

World Series on FuboTV.

But if you’ve already exhausted your Fubo free trial there is plenty of good reason to tap into a Fubo subscription in order to watch the Super Bowl. Fubo is often the first live TV streaming service sports fans turn to when looking for broad access to various sports events and live games. You’ll find sports across the board on Fubo, from football to soccer and from college sports to professional wrestling.

Access to all of these sports is possible because of Fubo’s huge channel lineup. A Fubo subscription will get you access to sports networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, FX, and NFL Network. But Fubo really mirrors something more akin to what you’ll find with a cable or satellite subscription. Hundreds of channels are available across numerous plan options, including networks like History, FX, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Discovery.

Fubo has four base subscription packages to choose from. Fubo Pro costs $80 per month and includes 184 channels. Fubo Elite is $90 per month and offers more than 250 channels. Fubo Premier comes in at $100 per month and has 266 channels to flip through. Finally, Fubo Latino costs $33 per month and has 65 channels in its lineup. There are also plenty of add-ons to choose from with a Fubo subscription. NBA League Pass costs $15 per month, and Showtime is an $11 per month add-on. Starz is $10 per month and MGM+ comes in at $6 per month. You can also add packages like Sports Plus with NFL Redzone for $11 per month.

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Watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on Paramount+

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Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is one of the more popular standalone streaming services. Its content library includes the likes of the Yellowstone universe of TV shows and thousands of popular movies. Paramount+ is also owned by CBS, which is why it’s one of the best places to watch the Super Bowl this year. And believe it or not, if you’re new to Paramount+ you can watch the Super Bowl for free with the Paramount+ free trial. It’s good for one week of full access to the streaming platform, so signing up for it right now will get you free access to the Super Bowl.

If you’ve previously subscribed to Paramount+ or if you’ve already exhausted your Paramount+ free trial, you can still watch the Chiefs vs 49ers on Paramount+. A couple of subscription plans are available, and they’re quite affordable relative to some other streaming services. Paramount+ Essential is just $6 per month, and it’s well worth it for all of the content you get access to. You can also bundle Showtime with a Paramount+ subscription, and that goes for $12 per month. With a monthly subscription you can watch Paramount+ on up to three devices at a time. You can even stream ad-free with the entry-level $6 per month option, which is something you don’t often find among streaming services offering such affordability.

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Watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on Hulu with Live TV

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Hulu has long been one of the most popular streaming services for on-demand streaming content. It’s gotten into streaming live TV as well over the years, and this Hulu service is called Hulu with Live TV. It’s where you’ll need to turn if you want to watch the Chiefs vs 49ers using Hulu as your streaming platform, as it’s the service that brings access to your local CBS network in to play.

In addition to carrying the Super Bowl this year, Hulu with Live TV offers a number of top networks for live sports. A Hulu with Live TV subscription will get you access to NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NBC Golf, TNT, and several college sports networks. Another great reason for football fans to consider watching the Super Bowl on Hulu with Live TV is for a personalized experience. Hulu allows you to pick your favorite teams, sports, or leagues, and it will recommend games for you based on the selections.

Hulu with Live TV is a more expensive plan than the base Hulu offering, which starts at just $8 per month. There’s even a Hulu free trial available if you want to explore the platform. But if you want to watch the Super Bowl on Hulu, you have to bump up to Hulu with Live TV, which goes for $77 per month if you’re okay with ads, or $90 per month if you want an ad-free experience. Hulu with Live TV comes bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+ as well.

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Watch the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream on YouTube TV

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Everyone knows YouTube as a great place to watch cats, bloopers, and other distractions, but YouTube TV has become one of the most popular live TV streaming services on the planet. This is in part because of its convenience, as almost everyone already has a YouTube account that can easily become a YouTube TV subscription. But it’s also because of YouTube TV’s impressive channel lineup, which includes your local CBS network and this year’s Super Bowl.

And YouTube TV doesn’t stop with your local networks. It has more than 100 channels to watch in its lineup, including ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, FS1, TNT, Nickelodeon, Food Network, and NFL Network, among many others. YouTube TV is also now the home of NFL Sunday Ticket, so you know it’s a platform built for the big game. There are no annual contracts or hidden fees with YouTube TV, making it the perfect streaming service subscription to pop in and out of at your convenience.

To top things off, a YouTube TV free trial is available, and it’s one of the best free trials you’ll find among the major streaming services. It gets you a month of full access to everything YouTube TV has to offer, and it’s one of the best ways to watch the Super Bowl for free. If you’ve already exhausted a YouTube TV free trial a 1-month subscription is currently going for $73 per month. Discounts are almost always taking place, however, with price drops available if you’re willing to commit to a few months of service.

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How to watch the Super Bowl on Fubo TV from anywhere

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If you’re outside of the United States when Super Bowl kickoff arrives you may run into some issues when trying to access the game through any of the major streaming services. Most of them have to put geographic restrictions in place for various reasons, which means the country you’re in may be restricted from accessing CBS during the game. One way to work around this is with a VPN, or a virtual private network.

A VPN services such as NordVPN will allow you to get around geographic restrictions streaming services have in places by giving you access to its servers, which are placed in a number of countries throughout the world. In order to watch the Super Bowl you would simply set your NordVPN server to one in the United States. NordVPN is one of the best VPN services and it will pair well with a Fubo subscription in order to watch the Super Bowl. With both of them paired up you should be able to watch the game from anywhere just as you would at home.

And a VPN won’t just help you get access to the Super Bowl if you’re out of the country. A VPN is pretty much a necessity if you value your online privacy. Whether you already have a VPN in place or the term VPN is new to you, you can explore what NordVPN has to offer at no cost with a NordVPN free trial. You can even pair it with a Fubo free trial and watch the Super Bowl for free from anywhere.

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