Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says his cereal resembles Frosted Flakes, with one key difference

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It’s fair to say Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has found his new favorite cereal, and it just happens to have his name on it.

Kelce’s Krunch hit shelves at Hy-Vee stores around Kansas City on Saturday, and as Kelce told reporters Monday at training camp, his cereal bowl runneth over.

“I already went through about 10 boxes,” Kelce said. “I’m a big Frosted Flakes guy and this is the Kelce Krunch version of it, for sure. I think it has a little bit more sugar but don’t ask me.”

That drew a laugh from reporters because, well, what cereal wants to be known for having excessive sugar?

“You can get it over at Hy-Vee, and of course some of the proceeds go to 87 & Running, my foundation which helps out the inner city youth out here in Kansas City and up in Cleveland in my hometown,” Kelce added. “So hopefully we can get Kansas City on board and raise some funds here from my foundation.”

Kelce was asked by ESPN’s Adam Teicher if his cereal was better than Mahomes Magic Crunch, the cereal named for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes that had been sold the previous two years.

“Listen,” Kelce quipped, “it might not have any magic but it’s pretty good.”

The cereal is being sold for $4.99 and some stores are limiting shoppers to two boxes. Despite being on sale for such a short period of time, it’s already on eBay for more than three times the price in stores ... shipping not included.

Kelce’s Krunch
Kelce’s Krunch
Kelce’s Krunch
Kelce’s Krunch

Hy-Vee said the cereal was “expected to raise $18,500 for the 87 & Running Foundation.”

“Travis Kelce is a true inspiration both on and off the field,” Matt Nickell, vice president of sports marketing for Hy-Vee, said in a news release. “His dedication to not only his team but also the Kansas City community is why we are excited to partner with him and the 87 & Running Foundation to launch this new cereal, while providing much-needed support for Kansas City-area youth.”