After Chicago Med Teased New Romances In The ED, I'm Way More Invested In Goodwin's Love Story

 S. Epatha Merkerson as Goodwin in Chicago Med Season 9.
S. Epatha Merkerson as Goodwin in Chicago Med Season 9.
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Spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Chicago Med Season 9, called "What Happens in the Dark Always Comes to Light."

Chicago Med may have lost Will Halstead at the end of Season 8, but the latest episode of Season 9 proves that workplace romances can still develop even without his reliable dose of drama. In all seriousness, the sparks were already flying between some Emergency Department doctors just a few episodes into the 2024 TV schedule. To my surprise, however, I'm way more invested in the new romance for Sharon Goodwin, played by S. Epatha Merkerson, for one simple reason: her new love interest makes her smile like nobody else, and she deserves that!

New Romance In The ED?

While Archer was nowhere to be seen in "What Happens in the Dark Always Comes to Light," Hannah bonded with Dr. Mitch Ripley after they crossed paths by chance in a bar and hung out before her date showed up... and a pair of drug overdoses pretty much ruined the mood. While nothing overtly romantic happened between them, the sparks were flying even as she was confronted with the ugly truth that her date had been cheating on his pregnant wife with her.

There was a nice chemistry between Jessy Schram and Luke Mitchell, and I'm hoping to see more of this dynamic... especially once Archer is back from his kidney transplant recovery, because he could have a fun reaction. They are still my favorite duo, and I'm guessing that Med isn't done with their stories. Plus, it seems safe to say that Mitch's complicated situation with Dr. Charles hasn't been resolved yet.

The other romance that might be brewing in the ED based on this episode is between Crockett and newcomer Dr. Zola Ahmad, although I'll admit that this seems to be a product of the promo for Episode 3 more than anything that has happened in the actual show. Still, he has been her primary scene partner since she arrived on Med, so it seems like a safe bet that there's more to their story as Season 9 continues, whether or not it turns romantic.

But the romance I'm more than ready to see more of is the one making Sharon Goodwin smile several floors up from the ED!

Goodwin Is Seeing A Doctor

Given that the showrunners named Goodwin's new relationship as a story they were excited about in Season 9, it wasn't a shock to see her sharing some romantic moments with Dr. Dennis Washington. It was clear pretty quickly in their first scene that the two are definitely enjoying each other's company, but also keeping their relationship a secret.

Goodwin pointed out that he's the chief of a department at the hospital while she's a member of hospital leadership, although Dennis responded that a relationship between them isn't prohibited, and – as most people in the ED know well – "colleagues date all the time." It's a big deal to Goodwin, however, as she always had a policy of not mixing work with her romantic life.

Because Dennis seems to be absolutely great, he told her that there's no rush to go public with the relationship, and they'll take their time "integrating both worlds." Plus, he pointed out that it's fun sneaking around, which made Goodwin laugh and made me love him more for making her so happy.

Then, in the very last scene of the episode, Goodwin told Dennis that she thinks they should start telling people about their relationship. She said:

You know, I've always carried myself with a sense of propriety, and I spend a lot of time encouraging my colleagues to do the same. But I just think if you feel strongly about something in private, you should own it in public.

Own it, Sharon Goodwin! It's too early in the season to be sure that everything will keep going well for these two, but Dennis seems delightful and she seems very happy, so what's not to love? She's been through the wringer over the years of Chicago Med, after all... and she'll seemingly be right back in the wringer in the next episode. The description from NBC reveals that she'll worry when two people close to her arrive in the ED after an accident, and the promo makes it clear who those two are:

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