'Chicago' Binge Alert! NBC Makes all Eps of 'Fire,' 'P.D.' and 'Med' Available (For One Week)


Season finale time is rapidly approaching (check our full calendar here), and the folks at NBC want to make sure that fans of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. are fully caught up before their seasons end. Enter the #OneChicago binge: Starting April 18, fans can watch every episode of every Chicago show — for one week only — on the NBC app, NBC.com, or on demand.

So say goodbye to your friends and send the kids to the neighbors — you’ve got some watching to do! And to help you get started, we asked nine Chicago stars to share some of their favorite moments from the shows. Enjoy!

Yuri Sardarov (Brian Zvonecek, Chicago Fire)
My 3 Favorite Episodes to Date: “Two Families” (Season 1, episode 7); “A Coffin That Small” (Season 1, episode 19); “Two T’s” (Season 2, episode 16)
Favorite Crossover: “The Med crossover with the grenade.” (Season 3, Episode 19, “I Am the Apocalypse”)
Dream Guest Star: Cher
Favorite Stunt: “Can I just say our special FX and stunts departments deserve an Emmy nod?”

Kara Killmer (Sylvie Brett, Chicago Fire):
My Favorite Episode to Date: "Let Him Die" (Season 3, episode 11)


“Just Drive the Truck”

Joe Minoso (Joe Cruz, Chicago Fire)
My 3 Favorite Episodes to Date: “Chopper” (Season 3, episode 8); “Just Drive the Truck” (Season 3, episode 3); “The Beating Heart” (Season 4, episode 10)
Favorite Crossover: "The first 3-part Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD crossover.” (Chicago Fire, “The Beating Heart”; Chicago Med, “Malignant”; Chicago PD, “Now I’m God)
Dream Guest Star: Bryan Cranston
Scariest Stunt: “Hanging off the ladder to save Freddie.” (”The Path of Destruction”; Season 4, episode 11)
Favorite Stunt: “Same as scariest stunt!”

Christian Stolte (Randall McHolland, Chicago Fire):
My 3 Favorite Episodes to Date: “2112″ (Season 4, episode 6); “Two T’s” (Season 4, episode 16); “Forgive You Anything” (Season 3, episode 17)
Dream Guest Star: Paul F. Tompkins
Favorite Stunt: “Stealing marshmallows from the 1st Shift’s food pantry.” (“Warm and Dead”; Season 1, episode 13)


Jesse Lee Soffer and Patrick John Flueger

Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey, Chicago Fire):
My favorite Episode to Date: “Just Drive the Truck” (Season 3, episode 3) Adds Spencer, “That truck crash is also my Favorite Stunt!”


Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide, Chicago Fire):
My Favorite Episode to Date: “Love any episode shot outside during the snow.”
Favorite Crossover: “Any time we had an SVU actor on our set, like Ice-T & Mariska from season 3, [in] the episode called ‘We Called Her Jelly Bean.'”


”We Called Her Jelly Bean”

Monica Raymund (Gabriela Dawson, Chicago Fire):
Favorite Crossover: “The PD episode in the elevator.” (”A Little Devil Complex”; Season 2, episode 13)
Dream Guest Star: Garret Dillahunt


David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann, Chicago Fire):
My Favorite Episode to Date: “The birth of my 4th or 5th kid, Whatshisname…” (”A Hell of a Ride”; Season 1, episode 24)
Favorite Crossover: “When Dr. Rhodes basically killed me!” (This season’s Fire/Med crossover, “The Beating Heart.”)
Dream Guest Star: Cher
Scariest Stunt: "Tackling the gas station man on fire from season 2.” (”A Heavy Weight”; Season 2, episode 19)
Favorite Stunt: "Climbing a ladder at a 60 degree angle to get a graffiti artist [named Zito] down.” (“Rear View Mirror”; Season 1, episode 6)
Notes Eigenberg, “The Zito art piece [also] appears in a Chicago PD episode, which is a fun bit of trivia.”

And finally, some picks from Chicago Med’s Nick Gehlfuss (Dr. Will Halstead)


My Dream Guest Star: Ellen DeGeneres as “Ellen.”
My Favorite stunt to date: Ripping off my own medical glove. (See video)

All episodes of Chicago Med, Fire, and PD are available for streaming now on NBC.com, the NBC app, and on demand until April 24.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.; Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m.; Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m.