Chewbacca star Peter Mayhew's wife says it 'breaks my heart' that the actor's personal 'Star Wars' memorabilia is being auctioned off

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  • "Star Wars" memorabilia belonging to Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew is being auctioned off.

  • His wife Angie said the auction "breaks my heart."

  • She explained her husband couldn't retrieve the items due to his ill health before his death.

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew is fondly remembered by "Star Wars" fans around the world for bringing the iconic Wookie to the big screen across the franchise, leaving a wonderful legacy behind after he passed away in 2019.

But now his wife, Angie Mayhew, says that some of the actor's personal "Star Wars" memorabilia is being auctioned off in the UK after it was found in the attic of their former home.

Angie took to Twitter to explain the situation after seeing a tweet about the upcoming auction from BBC presenter Jon Kay.

Angie issued a statement via the Peter Mayhew Foundation's Twitter account, noting that Mayhew wasn't able to retrieve the old scripts, production notes, and call sheets before they moved out because of his health issues.

The actor's widow tweeted: "When we moved out of this house Peter's movement challenges made it impossible for him to get into the attic to get the rest of these memories."

She added: "It really breaks my heart to see our belongings auctioned off like this by @angusashworth and @RyedaleAuction1."


Mayhew was diagnosed with gigantism at a young age, eventually growing to be 7-foot-3 inches tall. He had various health issues over the years that affected his mobility, and had a double knee replacement in 2013, as well as spinal surgery in 2018.

In a followup tweet, Angie said it was one of their "biggest regrets" that they had to leave the "Star Wars" memorabilia behind at their former home.

She said: "It was one of Peter's and my biggest regrets that we had to leave these items behind, but his knees and joints had gotten to be so painful that he was no longer able to go into the attic to get them."

When asked by fans why someone else didn't go into the attic, Angie added that there was water damage to the house and her husband didn't want her going up there.

"We had just come from a convention Peter had appeared at and there had been a water leak so Peter didn't want me to go up there either and we ran out of time.  Moving in general is stressful but moving between countries with a 7'4" disabled partner, it was a very difficult time."

Many fans have called for the items to be donated to the Peter Mayhew Foundation, and a subsequent tweet confirmed that the auction house has agreed to meet with the family on Thursday regarding the items.

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