Cher Recalls Her First Miscarriage at 18: ‘What Would Happen to Me Today’?

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Cher is continuing to speak out after the Supreme Court’s June 24 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, eliminating women’s rights to abortion. The iconic performer shared in a personal tweet on Monday (July 18) that she had suffered multiple miscarriages.

“When I was young I had 3 miscarriages.1st at 18.I was alone in our house.son came home & I was sobbing,&rocking on our floor,” she wrote, explaining that Sonny Bono — whom she met at 16 and married in 1967 — was the one who found her. “When I got2 dr I was screaming in pain.couldn’t even stop in elevator.dr sent me straight 2 hopsital,&in2 operating rm.”

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She concluded, “WHAT WOULD HAPPEN 2 ME TODAY [crying emoji]”

As medical professionals have repeatedly pointed out since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, abortions are a medical procedure that is sometimes required to remove fetal tissue that the body is not naturally passing after a miscarriage.

When the Supreme Court first announced its decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and thus, reverse nearly 50 years of precedent, Cher immediately shared her outrage. “WHEN I HEARD ROE V WADE WAS REPEALED,I COULDN’T CONTAIN MY ANGER,” she tweeted June 24. “STILL ANGRY,SAD AFRAID 4 WOMEN OF [U.S. flag emoji]”

She followed up with another tweet the following day. “If Every time Men Had Sex, They Risked Death, Physical Disability,A Life Altering Interruption In Their Education,Or Career, & The Sudden Life Long Responsibility For Another Human Being,I Think They’d Expect A Choice In The Matter,” she wrote.

The “Believe” singer then urged women to take action. “We Must VOTE EVERY REPUB. OUT!!” she tweeted June 27. “They Are The Enemy,&We’re At Their Mercy. They Mean 2 Lock Up Ur Bodies,& Risk Ur Lives. … WE CAN WIN. IF NOT [U.S. flag] WOMEN WILL SUFFER.” She hashtagged her post #Gilead, referencing the fictional republic in The Handmaid’s Tale in which women have few rights and are used by the rich and powerful for breeding purposes.

She has also since warned her followers to be careful about their online searches for abortion information, birth control, menstrual cycles and more. She wrote, “there is talk about tech companies being able to sell your info.”

Cher is just one of many celebrities who have spoken out since the Supreme Court’s decision. Among them are Halsey, who has shared their tale about how having an abortion saved their life, and is auctioning off original paintings created during their concerts to benefit national abortion funds. Lizzo has pledged $1 million to Planned Parenthood, while Lorde and Phoebe Bridgers have declared “F–k the Supreme Court” during their concerts.

See Cher’s latest tweet below:

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