Chelsea Green Was ‘Emotionally Injured’ Wrestling Asuka On WWE Raw

Chelsea Green Was 'Emotionally Injured' Wrestling Asuka On WWE Raw
Chelsea Green Was 'Emotionally Injured' Wrestling Asuka On WWE Raw

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Chelsea Green just can’t stop getting injured in a WWE ring.

Chelsea Green made her singles debut on WWE Raw on Monday, February 6, in a losing effort to Asuka. Green recently returned during the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble, setting a record for the shortest time ever spent in a Women’s Royal Rumble.

Speaking to Cathy Kelley on WWE Raw Talk following her loss to Asuka, Chelsea Green said she once again was injured in a WWE ring. This time, she was injured emotionally on top of being physically battered.

“I’m sorry, did my manager ask you to say this? No, nobody asked you to come and ask me such a stupid question. Of course, I was not prepared for whatever that was. Of course I wasn’t prepared for the 25 girls standing around the ring judging me. No, Cathy, I was not prepared. And not only was I not prepared, I was not fully compensated for what that was; for what I endured. I am not only physically injured, I am emotionally injured. My fans came to watch the Chelsea Green in the ring, and what did they see? Whatever that was.”

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Chelsea Green vowed that there would be consequences for what happened to her on Raw as all of her personal rules and regulations were violated.

“First of all, all those people out there came to see me, came to see Chelsea Green. What have I got so far from this? I did not even get an Elimination Chamber qualifying match. Then you’re gonna throw me out there into that. This goes against all my personal rules and regulations, and I promise you, not only will I be speaking to your manager, I’ll be speaking to her manager and his manager and your manager over there, too. Everyone is going to have to deal with the consequences of tonight.”

While Chelsea Green has to deal with her rules and regulations being violated and emotional scars, she has made it out of this main roster debut without being physically injured to the degree that will keep her out of action for any length of time.

In 2020, Chelsea was slated to debut on the SmackDown roster leading up to WWE Survivor Series and suffered a broken wrist during her debut match.

Now, Chelsea’s only concern is finding and complaining to all of the managers. I hope nobody tells Jimmy Hart.

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