Check out KANIS' latest visual for "Supernova"


Last week, KANIS unveiled her latest single “Supernova,” an enchanting effort that sees the Haitian-American talent singing to a special someone:

“Talk to me chéri, it’s been a while, tell me something secret, I’ll go hide it, baby, if you’re heaven, I’d come right in, hop up on my spaceship, let’s go ride, colliding, come right in go, come right in, Orion, come, baby, go right in, bae, you know, my love is coco for your body, going up higher, sweet fire to my body, do it for me, you’re my supernova, do me baby, like no other love, I say come baby, treat me right, come lemme blow your mind, come let me do you right, make love all night…”

“Supernova” also comes with a matching visual courtesy of Michael Russell. Viewers can catch KANIS enjoying herself at a laid-back function, complete with dominoes, an interesting version of Jenga, and more. She can also be spotted creating a beautiful painting — one that ended up becoming the track’s official artwork.

Back in 2021, KANIS liberated the eight-song body of work REFLEXION, which was led by dope cuts like “Fallait,” “Oublier,” and “Egoiste.” Back in April, the artist formerly known as Niska then blessed the masses with a deluxe edition of said project, adding on six tracks and additional contributions from Eugy and Tsew The Kid. Her debut LP, the groundbreaking Eneji, made landfall in 2017.

In a past interview with “The Suite Podcast,” KANIS opened up about when she realized she wanted to create music professionally:

“I’ve always wanted to make music. I think I can go back as far as 14 years old telling my mom I’m gonna be a hip hop artist. Like, listening to 2Pac and Trick Daddy, those were like my first two albums.”

Press play on “Supernova” below.