Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders' Relationship Timeline

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders got engaged in October 2022 and called it quits nine months later

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have called it quits.

The Chrisley Knows Best star announced their split on Instagram in July 2023 — less than a year after he proposed to Medders.

"We both agreed to part ways and move on with our lives separately," Chrisley wrote on Instagram.

The couple began dating in early 2020, and they made their relationship Instagram official that July. Before their engagement, Chrisley and Medders broke up in 2021, but by spring 2022 they had reconciled.

In October 2022, the reality star got down on one knee at Nashville's First Horizon Park.

"It was the perfect night," Chrisley said at the time. "There's no doubt I want to spend the rest of my life with Emmy. We can't wait to build a family together."

From starring on reality TV together to getting engaged, here's everything to know about Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders' relationship.

July 5, 2020: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders make their relationship Instagram official

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

The couple confirmed their relationship on Instagram on July 5, 2020, in a since-deleted Instagram post, per Life & Style.

"As far as she and I go, we're taking things slow," Chrisley told the outlet a few days later. "We're not in a rush to do anything. We're enjoying each other's company and learning more about each other and kind of just taking it day by day. I'm definitely not engaged, that's for sure!"

While the pair haven't shared exactly how and when they met, Chrisley said they met "a couple of years ago" during his interview with Life & Style, noting that he "had some growing up to do" before they became romantically involved.

Medders shared more about the early days of her and Chrisley's relationship while chatting with her future sister-in-law Savannah Chrisley on Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley in December 2022.

"We started talking right before COVID hit," said the University of Georgia graduate.

February 18, 2021: Emmy Medders meets Chase Chrisley's parents

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

During an episode of Chrisley Knows Best that aired on Feb. 18, 2021, Chrisley brought Medders home to meet his parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley. The real estate mogul was very impressed with his son's girlfriend, telling Medders, "Well honey let me just tell you, you are a breath of fresh air."

Todd continued, "I think you're stunning, I think you're sweet. You are everything Julie and I have dreamed of."

July 8, 2021: Chase Chrisley contemplates proposing to Emmy Medders in Growing Up Chrisley preview

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

In the season 3 first look of Growing Up Chrisley, Chrisley told Medders he was planning on buying his first home, sparking conversation about the couple's future.

"I'm finally about to buy my first house," Chrisley said, to which Medders suggested, "Maybe I can move in … That would require a ring."

But Chrisley made clear that he had already thought about it. In another clip, he revealed to his mom that he had already bought an engagement ring.

"You guys are not ready to get married," Julie said. "Well, I did the hardest part of marriage," Chase responded, gesturing to a ring box. "Buying this damn thing."

August 8, 2021: Chase Chrisley confirms breakup with Emmy Medders

Chrisley confirmed to E! News that he and Medders were no longer together.

"Emmy and I are actually not even dating anymore," Chrisley shared, noting that he had returned the engagement ring.

"Emmy's a great girl, she's a great person. I care about her a lot," he told the outlet. "It was just time for us to go our separate ways. You never know what's going to happen in the future, but for now, that's where we're at."

April 2022: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders reconcile

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

In spring 2022, Chrisley and Medders began making appearances on each other's social media again. On April 8, Medders shared a photo of her and Chrisley smiling, captioned with a simple white heart emoji. The following month, Chrisley followed up with a photo of him and Medders enjoying a tropical vacation.

July 24, 2022: Chase Chrisley calls Emmy Medders his "favorite human"

After getting back together, Chrisley gave Medders a sweet shout-out on Instagram. He shared a photo of the couple with the caption, "Favorite human💙 @emmymedders." Medders commented on the post, "Love you handsome 🤍🤍🤍."

August 8, 2022: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders attend a friend's wedding

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

The couple got all dolled up to attend a friend's wedding in Colorado. Medders shared multiple posts on Instagram of the couple hiking and spending time in nature before attending the wedding.

October 5, 2022: Chase Chrisley proposes to Emmy Medders

Katie Miller
Katie Miller

Chrisley asked Medders to marry him at the First Horizon Park in Nashville, and she said "Yes."

The reality star made the night extra special for Medders by renting out the entire stadium and placing 175,000 rose petals on the field in the shape of a heart. "I was so surprised," said Medders. "I had no idea it was happening."

Although the couple had not yet started wedding planning, they both agreed on where it would take place. "Emmy and I both talked, and we would both really love to get married in Charleston," Chrisley told PEOPLE.

October 34, 2022: Chase Chrisley says he is ready for kids with Emmy Medders

Shortly after the engagement, Chrisley shared that the couple couldn't "wait to build a family together."

"[I'm] ready to start pumping out kids," he told PEOPLE, before clarifying, "No babies until we're married."

Chrisley, who grew up with four siblings, added that he hoped to have a few kids with Medders, but it would be up to her to decide how big their family would be.

"I will have as many as she's willing to," he said. "It's not my body. I say three kids." Medders added, "That's a lot, but you never know."

December 18, 2022: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders share engagement photos

The couple shared engagement photos on social media just ahead of the 2022 holidays. Chrisley shared a black-and-white snap of the couple embracing on Dec. 18, while Medders followed up with two photos of her and Chrisley kissing. Medders wore a white mesh jumpsuit with sequins and fringe for the photoshoot.

December 27, 2022: Emmy Medders opens up about her brief breakup with Chase Chrisley

Emmy Medders Instagram
Emmy Medders Instagram

During an appearance on Savannah's podcast Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley, Medders shared more about her and Chrisley's relationship, including its "ups and downs."

"It was on and off, and then we were doing really well, and then we did have one major breakup," she said. "We didn't talk for like — I want to say it was two months, but it was probably more like two weeks. … It felt like two months for me."

Since getting back together, Medders said things have been "great" for the couple.

She and Savannah also discussed their relationship with each other, with Savannah admitting that they don't "have a great relationship" following at least one past disagreement.

"There's no hate at all. .... I mean, I know we're not sisters yet, but family's gonna get in arguments," Medders explained, to which Savannah responded, "It had to do with Chase, y'all."

Medders joked, "He's always in the middle of it!"

Both added that they have since smoothed things over and attribute their "disconnect" to their occasionally clashing personalities.

January 4, 2023: Julie Chrisley speaks to Emmy Medders about her upcoming prison sentence

While Medders and her future sister-in-law may not always get along, she does have a close relationship with Chrisley's mom. In an episode of her podcast Chrisley Confessions, Julie chatted with Medders about her upcoming prison sentence. Julie and Todd were both found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion in June 2022, with Julie sentenced to seven years in prison and Todd sentenced to 12 years as a result.

Julie compared the situation to Medders' mother's experience caring for her husband, who has ALS.

"There is that possibility of my husband and I being separated. But there's a difference between my husband and I being separated for a period of time and having to say goodbye forever," Julie shared. "It almost makes me feel ashamed that I'm even worried. Unless the good Lord intervenes, [your mom is] going to have to say goodbye to her husband and she won't see him again this side of heaven."

Julie added: "I think it puts things into perspective for me because we all think our hard is the hardest thing. ... You're entitled to feel how you feel."

Medders told Julie that an experience like this "changes the way you see life."

February 24, 2023: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders take a trip to Miami

Shortly after his parents reported to prison, Chrisley and Medders took a trip to Miami and shared several photos from their getaway.

A few weeks prior, the couple celebrate Valentine's Day with sweet tributes to one another.

March 14, 2023: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders have a sleepover with Chloe Chrisley

While his parents serve their prison sentences in Florida, Chrisley is making an effort to spend a lot of quality time with his niece Chloe. He and Medders invited the 10-year-old over to their home for a sleepover, and according to Chrisley's Instagram Story, it was an evening of eating popcorn and ice cream in bed.

May 9, 2023: Chase Chrisley shows love for Emmy Medders in an Instagram post

Chase Chrisley Instagram
Chase Chrisley Instagram

Chrisley shared a photo on Instagram of him and Medders sweetly smiling for the camera. "My rock 🪨 @emmymedders," he wrote in the caption.

Medders replied in the comments: "I love you ❤️."

June 1, 2023: Emmy Medders celebrates Chase Chrisley's 27th birthday

<p>Emmy Medders Instagram</p>

Emmy Medders Instagram

In honor of her fiancé's birthday, Medders penned a sweet post about Chrisley on Instagram.

"Happy Birthday to my heart and soul and best friend 🩵,” she captioned two photos of the couple on a beach. “Love you forever & always!”

July 25, 2023: Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders call off their engagement

Just nine months after getting engaged, Chrisley and Medders decided to break up.

"Everybody has been asking a lot of questions regarding Emmy and myself. We both agreed to part ways and move on with our lives separately. Thank you for respecting our privacy," the reality star wrote on Instagram.

Adam Ambrose, Chrisley's rep, told PEOPLE that "Chase has nothing but love and respect for Emmy and wishes her well."

Prior to Chrisley's announcement, the exes sparked split rumors when they wiped all evidence of their relationship from their respective social media accounts.

Hours after announcing the breakup, Chrisley shared a selfie on his Instagram Story along with the words, "God is Good."

August 2, 2023: Emmy Medders posts about being "hopeful"

Medders shared a cheerful video on Instagram following her split from Chrisley. In the clip, which is set to Taylor Swift's song, "August," Medders smiles as she poses in a black top and jean shorts.

"Welcome August. 🤍🫶🏼 Hopeful + grateful for you!" she wrote in the caption.

August 24, 2023: Chase Chrisley says he's "dating" again

Chrisley is ready to find his wife after calling off his engagement with Medders.

"I am back dating, yeah," he told Extra. "I've already been on dates. I'm ready to go!"

The reality star added that he's "thankful" it didn't work out with his ex-fiancée.

"Everything happens for a reason," Chrisley said. "God's got a plan. And I think God heard conversations that I didn't hear. He saw things I didn't see and moved her on her way, and I could not be more thankful."

September 5, 2023: Chase Chrisley says there's "not a chance in hell" that he'd reconcile with Emmy Medders

<p>Vivien Killilea/Getty, Emmy Medders/Instagram</p>

Vivien Killilea/Getty, Emmy Medders/Instagram

During an appearance on his sister Savannah Chrisley's podcast, Chase made it clear that reconciliation is off the table for him and Medders.

"Would I ever get back with her? Not a chance in hell," he said. "I've seen too much. I've seen true colors. I don't want to come across like I'm s----ing on Emmy. I do wish her nothing but the best, but there was some s----y s--- that went down."

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