Charter Runs Commercial for Home Internet During Super Bowl

 Spectrum Internet Super Bowl Commercial.
Spectrum Internet Super Bowl Commercial.

Charter Communications ran a commercial for its Spectrum home internet product during the Super Bowl in some Charter markets.

It was Charter's first Super Bowl spot since 2016.

The markets include Kansas City, the home of the Chiefs, which has been generating big ratings.

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The humorous spot, called Holes, touts Spectrum Internet’s speed and reliability. By contrast, wireless broadband from carriers like T-Mobile can be interfered with by walls, the spot claims, so the T-Mobile subscriber has decided to smash holes in the wall to ensure a good connection.

“Turns out the walls were getting in the way,” the dad in the spot says.

Spectrum Internet offers speeds up to 1 Gbps everywhere the company operates--even through walls, the company says.

The commercial was created by agency Something Different.