‘Charlie’s Angels’: How Cheryl Ladd rebelled against the show’s bikini excess

In every episode of “Charlie’s Angels”, its three heroines fight crime by any means necessary. Also in every episode, one of them is usually wearing a bikini. Cheryl Ladd joined the Angels in the second season, taking over for Farrah Fawcett as Kris Munroe, the younger sister to Fawcett’s character. And for Ladd, all those bikinis were a bit much. She recently told Yahoo Entertainment about her unique act of rebellion against the skimpy wardrobe. She recalls telling producer Aaron Spelling, “I’m someone's mother. It's really not necessary to have it all the time.” And yet there she was in the next episode, wearing a bikini. So she decided to fight fire with fire. “I got the tiniest one I could find that was shocking. And the director said, ‘Cheryl you can't wear that,’” Ladd says. “I said, ‘Aaron wants me in a bikini. This is the one I'm wearing.’” After shooting the scene, Spelling surrendered saying, “Tell the little rebel I got the message and it won’t happen again.”