Charli D'Amelio Moves Out of Her Parents' House, But Says, 'I've Seen Them Every Single Day'

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Charli D'Amelio is growing up and moving out!

The TikTok star, 17, revealed to PEOPLE at TIME's Women of the Year Gala Tuesday that she officially moved out of her parents' house and into a place of her own earlier this week.

D'Amelio — who stars on Hulu's The D'Amelio Show with mom Heidi, dad Marc and sister Dixie — told PEOPLE on the red carpet at the Beverly Hills event that she still sees her parents every single day since making the switch to a home of her own.

"I literally just moved out like three days ago, and I've seen them every single day. I don't know what to do without my parents," she says.

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Heidi D'Amelio, Charli D’Amelio, Marc D'Amelio
Heidi D'Amelio, Charli D’Amelio, Marc D'Amelio

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"I literally moved, like, two minutes away and I'm like, 'I miss you,' " adds Charli, who appeared on the red carpet where Figi Water was a sponsor for the event with her mom.

Charli credits her mom for teaching her "everything that I know from learning how to be confident with myself to figuring out my style and what I love about myself." She adds, "I feel like, through every step of the way, I'm very thankful to have my mom and my parents in general, just always uplifting me."

Charli D'Amelio
Charli D'Amelio

Jacopo Raule/WireImage

Charli, who first found fame on TikTok in 2020, has since launched her own drink with Dunkin', created a clothing line at Hollister and even designed a mattress with sister Dixie, 20. But Heidi says her daughter wasn't always at ease being in the public eye.

In a June 2021 appearance on the Band of Mothers podcast, Charli's mom shared her daughter's initial reaction to going viral.

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Heidi looked back on the moment when Charli first filmed and posted a clip of herself dancing on the way to a dance workshop, only to leave the workshop and discover later that the video "went crazy" racking up views.

"She's just like, 'What do I do? What's happening? What do I do now?'" Heidi said.

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"I was just surprised that she reacted that way," she continued. "You never know how you're going to react like, who thinks about that? But it was definitely an interesting like, 'What do I do now?' "

Heidi added, "She went to sleep and the next day was a normal day and she posted, and that one went viral, and then it was a thing."

The family will continue to share their lives with the world in the second season of The D'Amelio Show, which was renewed by Hulu last fall.

"We were so touched by the outpouring of messages and feedback we received after sharing our not-always-perfect journey on the first season of The D'Amelio Show and in seeing how others can relate to the mental health struggles that come along with the use of social media," Charli and Dixie said in a statement at the time.

They added, "It has motivated us to continue sharing our journey as we continue to grow and learn, and the ability to process and address it openly has been helpful to us as well."