CHAOS as 200 cows escape from a nearby farm to a housing estate

Footage shows a herd of 200 rampaging cows bringing chaos to a quiet cul-de-sac after escaping from a field three miles away. The charging cattle were caught on a doorbell security camera racing down Brooke Avenue in Cheshire early on Sunday (4/7) morning. Pensioner and parish councillor Brenda Southward, 67, was stunned when she watched back the footage after getting calls from her neighbours. She said: "The first I knew about it was when I woke up at 7.45am. All the neighbours were ringing me saying have you seen the cows outside. "I'm disabled and walk with a zimmer frame so I went and turned the camera on to look. When I saw the footage I just sat and laughed and laughed. "How did I not hear them? Apparently there was about 200 of them. "Because we live on a cul-de-sac they had to turn around. We don't have a gate on our driveway so in they came. "I'd just had the path cleaned as well. "My first thought was that they'd come from the local farm but I contacted them and he said they weren't his. "Apparently they came from Mickle Trafford which is three miles away so they must have come down the A41. "The police tried to help and somebody said the cows were last seen going down Caughall Road towards the zoo. "I've never seen anything like that before. I think we had about eight on our drive. "They were nosing in my partner's car. Funnily enough, I've got my car up for sale but they didn't bother looking at mine." This video was filmed on the 4th July 2021.