Channing Tatum launches a male-stripping empire in Magic Mike's Last Dance trailer

Channing Tatum launches a male-stripping empire in Magic Mike's Last Dance trailer

Channing Tatum is putting the magic back in Mike one last time.

The trailer for Magic Mike's Last Dance is packed with everything you probably expected: lap-dances, a bunch of shirtless hunks on stage doing the worm, and a bit of stripping in a see-through white shirt under ceiling sprinklers. We're not complaining.

The sneak peek at the third film of the franchise, announced a year ago, arrived Tuesday. "You came along and gave me this magical moment that made me remember who I really was," says Salma Hayek Pinhault as a character named Maxandra Mendoza in the footage.

Appropriately, Donna Summer's 1978 disco queen hit "Last Dance" plays in the background.

Plot details have been under wraps for quite a while, but Warner Bros. confirms the sequel will see Mike now taking bartender gigs in Florida after a business deal went bust, leaving him broke. A wealthy socialite, Maxandra, lures him to London, where he attempts to launch a stage show.

Ayub Khan Din (Ackley Bridge), newcomer Jemelia George, Juliette Motamed (We Are Lady Parts), and Vicki Pepperdine (Johnny English Strikes Again) also star.


Warner Bros. Pictures Salma Hayek caresses Channing Tatum's abs in 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'

Steven Soderbergh, who returns to direct the third Magic Mike movie after helming the first one, previously teased to Variety that Last Dance is inspired by Magic Mike Live, the Magic Mike-inspired Las Vegas male stripper stage show that Tatum launched off the heat from the movie franchise.

"The movie is sort of a fictionalized procedural on how Mike comes up with the idea of a show — and then the obstacles, of which there are many, to trying to realize his vision of what this new thing could be," Soderbergh said. He added, "It's a variation on All That Jazz."

A spokesperson for Magic Mike Live Worldwide confirmed to EW that audiences of Magic Mike's Last Dance will see on screen nearly all of the same dance routines and scenes that can be experienced live and in-person nightly on Magic Mike Live, which now spans shows in London and Miami, on top of Vegas.

Additionally, several cast members from the Vegas and London productions of Magic Mike Live can be seen in the trailer, and will be featured in various roles throughout the film.

A first look at Magic Mike's Last Dance, in the form of a photo Tatum and Hayek shared to social media, arrived at the end of October. The film is due out Feb. 10, 2023 for Valentine's Day weekend.

"If you thought [Tatum] could dance [before], you are going to realize you haven't seen anything," Hayek previously teased. "His dance skills — he just got better."

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