What channel is the Super Bowl on? Where to watch the big game

Super Bowl LVIII logo from official game program.

Super Bowl LVIII kicks off real soon, and it’s time to see who takes the win between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada the Super Bowl will air both locally and online. Wondering which Super Bowl channel is the right one? Want to know where to tune in to the Chiefs vs 49ers live stream? We’ll answer both questions for you. By the way, if you’re curious about who’s performing during the 2024 halftime show, it’s R&B singer Usher.

What channel is the Super Bowl on?

Super Bowl LVIII 49ers vs Chiefs from official program

On cable TV, the Super Bowl will be available to watch on CBS and, strangely enough, Nickelodeon in a kid-friendly version. That includes the Apple Music Halftime Show featuring Usher. To watch on live TV you can either tune in via standard cable, use your satellite connection, or use a digital antenna. There are also several services broadcasting the live cable version online, like YouTube TV, Paramount+, Fubo, and more.

Regardless of where you choose to watch, you’ll want to be sure you understand how to set up your TV for the big game. That involves tweaking the contrast, white levels, brightness, and other settings, like choosing the right cinematic mode. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure your audio is top-notch so you can hear every hit, every call, and every play. Of course, the Halftime show music will be fantastic, too. Reba McEntire is singing the American national anthem before the game and will be joined by Post Malone singing America the Beautiful, and Andra Day performing Lift Every Voice and Sing. As a neat surprise, and first for the Super Bowl, Tiesto will also be the game’s DJ during the event.

If you’re looking for more ways how to watch Super Bowl 2024, there are a few streaming options like we’ve called out above. If you’re signed up to one of the participating services you shouldn’t have to pay anything extra. If you’re not signed in, there’s one in particular we recommend giving a try.

Watch the Super Bowl live stream online

FuboTV, now just called Fubo, is our favorite way to live stream cable TV content, including the Super Bowl channel and halftime show. Why? Because there is a Fubo free trial that allows new customers to stream for up to 7 days free. That’s an entire week without paying a dime. And while that trial is active, there are no limitations, so you can watch whatever is on, including whatever live sporting events are available, like Super Bowl LVIII.

The best part about live streaming platforms like Fubo is that most of them allow you to tune in from a variety of devices, like smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and more. That may seem inconsequential until you must go to the bathroom during the big game. You can jump right into the mobile app on another device and continue watching all while you do your business without missing any of the action. Modern technology is pretty great, isn’t it?

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If you’re traveling abroad and outside the country, you can still use Fubo and take advantage of that free trial, but you’ll also need to use a VPN to mask your IP address. Streaming providers geo-restrict or block access to their platforms using the IP’s location, which would be tied to where you are browsing from. A VPN gives you a remote IP in the location of your choosing, like back home. That way, you can tune in using the preferred app or service without any interruptions. Our top recommendation for this is NordVPN, and there is a NordVPN free trial available for new customers.

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