‘It changed my life’: Stormzy on his holiday with Adele

Stormzy has recalled a “beautiful” trip to Jamaica in which he holidayed with close friend Adele.

The rapper, who has just released his third studio album This Is What I Mean, has discussed his friendship with the British singer.

“Adele, I love her deeply. And we’ve always had amazing conversations,” said Stormzy while in conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

“And that’s a true friend of mine, that’s not like a music friend,” he said. “So whenever we kick it, we’ve had really beautiful and deep conversations.”

The 29-year-old recalled a time when they were both stuck in the “rat race” of life and weren’t “enjoying the fruits of [their] labour.”

“I think she just reminded me that it’s important to have time to yourself, and to have a space of peace and silence, and where you can hear yourself think,” he recalled.

This conversation prompted a getaway to Jamaica, said Stormzy.

“We went away to Jamaica. It was five of us. It was me, Adele, Cleo Sol, Inflo, and April,” he said.

“It changed my life. It was the most beautiful… I can’t even explain, it was really, really beautiful, and really healing, and really peaceful,” he said.

“God was on that trip. God was with us,” he continued.

Stormzy was at the opening night of Adele residency in Las Vegas, and posted his praise of the show on social media.

Stormzy says the holiday with Adele ‘changed his life’ (AFP via Getty Images)
Stormzy says the holiday with Adele ‘changed his life’ (AFP via Getty Images)

During the interview with Lowe, Stormzy also discussed lyrics on his track “Please”, which respond to the media’s treatment of Meghan Markle.

He was discussing the way his words can often be taken out of context by others, and used the lyrics as an example.

“The Meghan lyric, that is the most genuine, just ‘leave her alone’. It’s not political, it’s not rooted in that. It’s just a genuine ‘leave her alone’. Just leave her alone,” he said.

“If you was at a bar or you was at a party and you saw someone and it’s just like leave her alone.”

Lowe then suggested that this might be something that resonated with the rapper himself, now that he has huge success.

“It’s intense. It’s super-intense. And that’s where... I wanted to say that,” he agreed.

“And there’s been a few moments in my life, in my actual reality, where I’ve had to say, ‘yo, leave him alone’ or ‘leave her alone’. And that was one of the moments, just on wax.”

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