Chance The Rapper to Speak at SXSW Sydney

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper | Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images

Chance The Rapper will appear as a speaker at the inaugural SXSW Sydney, which kicks off next month. The rapper will speak about the legacy and impact of hip hop, as part of the ongoing 50 Years of Hip Hop celebrations that are happening in 2023.

“As we celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop in 2023, I’m reminded of the transformative power this culture has had, not just on the world stage, but on the streets of Chicago’s South Side,” Chance said in a statement. “Hip Hop has provided a rhythm to our stories and a canvas for our creativity. I’m really looking forward to joining SXSW Sydney as a speaker to expound upon Hip Hop’s transcendent legacy.”

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“Chance The Rapper is renowned for both his chart topping and community advocacy,” said SXSW Sydney managing director Colin Daniels. “There’s few out there like him, who take what they’ve made and use it to build the dreams of others.

“His genre-blurring sounds reverberate across generations, making him a powerful voice to reflect on the past 50 Years of Hip Hop. His unique perspective bridges the gap between the genre’s rich history and its dynamic future.”

Chance is the latest speaker to be added to the lineup, which also includes Queer Eye’s Tan France, Coachella CEO and veteran promoter Paul Tollett, artistic director Wesley Enoch, and numerous other figures from the tech, business, music, screen, and gaming world.

On the music front, there’ll be over 300 performances across the week, from artists like  Connie ConstanceLos BitchosEkkstacy, American rapper redveil, Japanese punks Otoboke Beaver, Chanel Loren, US group Almost MondayDeath by DenimBarkaaBabithaMia WraySuperegoGut Health, and UK’s SORRY.

SXSW Sydney will run from Sunday, 15th October to Sunday, 22nd October 2023.

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