Chance the Rapper Says He ‘Would Have Died’ If He Hadn’t Ditched Drug-Fueled Lifestyle of ‘Acid Rap’ Era

Image via Taylor Hill/WireImage for Governors Ball Music Festival/Getty
Image via Taylor Hill/WireImage for Governors Ball Music Festival/Getty
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Chance the Rapper says he “probably would have died” if he hadn’t changed the lifestyle he was leading during his Acid Rap era.

In an interview with Complex, Chance looked back on his dalliances with “excess” during this pivotal moment in his career. The chat comes in the wake of fans finally having been given official word on an upcoming Acid Rap anniversary celebration in Chance’s hometown of Chicago.

“I probably would have died,” Chance told Complex. “Definitely, the way that I was living at that time. I had everything in excess. Right after I dropped the project, I went on a few tours where I really didn’t make any money. Then I went on my first tour, my headlining tour, where I made some money.”

@complex Chance The Rapper reflects on how he’s changed since the beginning of his career #chancetherapper @chancetherapper ♬ original sound - Complex

With this financial windfall, Chance recalled, he embarked on a number of firsts in his life—including getting deeper and deeper into drugs at large.

“I went and rented a crib,” he said. “This is my first time living outside of my parents’ house in another city and having money and doing a lot of drugs.” The drugs, Chance added, made him not only a “different person” but also a “lesser person” than he is today.

“If I hadn’t had my spirit tugged on—literally—and a calling to become a better version of myself, then I would have died for sure,” he said. “Then I would just be the representative of acid and I’m so much more.”

Acid Rap’s 10th year will be commemorated with a special show at the United Center in Chicago this August.  Chance is also set to launch pop-up experiences and exclusive merch pieces, all of which is also leading up to the rollout of a new album.

Head here to read Chance’s full interview with Complex.

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