Chance the Rapper Argues with Blake Shelton on The Voice After Blocking Him from a Soulful Contestant

Season 23 of The Voice is right around the corner, and the competition is already heating up in the premiere episode!

In a new blind audition clip premiering exclusively on PEOPLE, a contestant named NOIVAS wows the coaches with a powerful acoustic rendition of Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change Is Gonna Come," leading them all to argue over whose team the singer should choose.

Immediately after the Texas-born performer belted out the first few lines of the song, Kelly Clarkson was the first coach to turn her chair around, quickly followed by Chance the Rapper, Blake Shelton and Niall Horan. But upon pressing his button, Shelton found out he was blocked by Chance.

Following NOIVAS' passionate, soulful take on the 1964 hit, Horan, 29, asked, "What's your name? What planet are you from?"

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The contestant revealed his name is Savion Wright, and his stage name is simply his first name spelled backward. "You are an incomparable talent, and I would love to give you the platform to show yourself to the world. I think you're a voice of this generation that deserves to be heard," said Chance, 29, before turning to Shelton, 46. "And to be honest, I blocked Blake. Did you know it was me?"

"Yes! Because of your smile from ear to ear when you looked at me," exclaimed the country superstar, who's exiting The Voice after season 23. "I'm really taking it in this season, so even the blocks, I appreciate that because you're threatened by me. So, I'll take that as a compliment."

Chance the Rapper Argues with Blake Shelton on The Voice After Blocking Him from a Soulful Contestant
Chance the Rapper Argues with Blake Shelton on The Voice After Blocking Him from a Soulful Contestant

The Voice/YouTube Chance the Rapper; Blake Shelton

Chance then expressed interest in having NOIVAS join his team — before finding out he's already made a major impact on the musician.

"I remember, in about 2016, you made a challenge go viral, and I actually was inspired by you to do my own — for the first time ever, I was like, 'You know what? I'mma just try to rap,'" he recalled. "It went viral on social media, and I would've never expected that I could try to rap a little bit, but I thank you for inspiring me to do that."

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Shelton appeared annoyed by the sweet moment shared with the coach that blocked him, so NOIVAS asked him to do his signature Voice move of pointing his finger toward his head. "I was gonna coach you to be able to do this," said the "God's Country" singer, prompting Horan to do the same.

"Do you know what? He's my dad now, and he's coached me to do it. So, I'm doing it," said the former One Direction member.

Clarkson, 40, then chimed in: "I don't know if you know this, but I've won this show a few times. And I'm just saying, I have a TV show. You wanna perform on a TV show? I'm just saying."

Shelton and Chance questioned the legality of Clarkson's offer. "Well, I don't know if it's legal. Also, I can rap… I just don't share that with the world," she replied, before taking a dig at Chance and Horan. "But I think the key thing will be having a coach that's familiar with a show like this."

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Chance displayed his passion for getting NOIVAS on his team by telling the singer he only has "one choice" — as he changed all the coaches' nameplates to read "Chance."

"You've got Chance right here, you've still got Chance over here, you've got Chance right here, and even though my boy is blocked, you've got Chance right here! Make the right choice, my boy," said the "No Problem" rapper. "I'mma give you all the space. I want you to win this show, and I want you on Team Chance, man."

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Next, Horan attempted to win NOIVAS over. "You gave us so many beautiful, sensitive moments at the very start there. I knew straight away you were playing guitar. And then when I spun around, I haven't seen anyone with a passion like that," he said. "It's like Stevie Wonder stuff. It's incredible what you're able to do. I don't make this kind of music, but sometimes the best things happen when opposites come together."

"I actually consider myself a pop artist," admitted NOIVAS, to which Horan replied, "Please consider me for Team Niall."

NOIVAS' Powerful Performance of "A Change Is Gonna Come" | The Voice Blind Auditions | NBC
NOIVAS' Powerful Performance of "A Change Is Gonna Come" | The Voice Blind Auditions | NBC

The Voice/YouTube NOIVAS

As the only coach without the option of winning the contestant for his own team, Shelton asked NOIVAS to pick his coach.

"Blake, I really hate that you got blocked because I was going to choose you," said the hopeful star.

"So then you don't want to go with the guy that took that opportunity away," added Clarkson.

Finally, NOIVAS said he was going to trust his gut — but in order to find out who he chose, fans will have to tune into NBC for the season 23 premiere of The Voice at 8 p.m. ET on March 6.